Burgerlicious: Unique and Juicy Burgers for Under $10!

Delicious Affordable Burgers right at Marymount Station!


By shani

Where can you get big, yummy burgers at hawker centres? Look no further because the newly opened, Burgerlicious, at a hawker centre near Marymount MRT, serves mouthwatering burgers that gives fast food restaurants a run for their money! These are no ordinary burgers. These burgers proves that its unique creations are worth the moolah.

This hawker stall is actually under the same management as the hot favourite, Seasalt, so you’ll definitely not be disappointed with this one! This hawker place has free wifi and good food so what’s not to love? And if you are looking for something healthy, they even have a free flow salad bar!

Beef Burgers

This burger is supposedly one of the popular choices here. The Down-Under ($13.50) uses Australian Chilled Beef and we paired it up with Potato Tots ($2).

Chicken Burgers

I must say, out of all the burgers we tried, this one takes the cake. Their Kung Pao Chic Burger ($9.50) tasted so good, we couldn’t get enough of it, and we even craved for more! The thick and savoury sauce was so mouthwateringly delicious! We paired the burger with Sweet Potato Fries ($2.50) which was not a bad choice to match since the savoury burger needs some sweetness to balance the flavours out. A must-try here!

Pork Burgers

There’s even a Korean burger! Say what?! Their Bulgogi Burger ($9.50) makes use of the sweet and spicy marinade often used for Korean Pork Bulgogi along with some kimchi! We also ordered Onion Tails ($2.50) as a side for the burger, which is basically fried onions in the shape of a tail. Other popular pork burgers include Salted Egg Porky ($10.50) as well as Aloha Porky ($9.50).


They also serve some bites which is good if you just want to chill and have something light. Pop corn chicken with Nacho Cheese sauce ($7.50), Tomato Curry ($8) and Salted Egg sauce ($8.50). The tomato curry sauce was pleasantly surprising, because it tasted really sweet and taste similar to the curry sauce in McDonalds. I would personally recommend having that to match with the popcorn chicken, because the tender chicken matches really well with the sweetness of the sauce.

Address: 38 Jalan Pemimpin #01-04

Opening Hours:

Tues: Closed

Mon-Friday: 11.30AM-3.30PM, 5.00PM-9.00PM

Saturday: 11.30AM-3.30PM

Sunday: 5.00PM-9.00PM


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