This Cafe has One of the Best Views!

Punggol Waterway Park was just the ideal location. It was beautiful and the view was very scenic and peaceful.


By delsar


Started by three siblings, Whisk and Paddle has become a famous chill spot for many. Each sibling is delegated to a different role in the company. The eldest, Victoria, is in charge of operations and back end administration. Second to Victoria is Shushan, who is a pastry chef that graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School. She is in-charge of baking all the amazing pastries served at Whisk and Paddle. Lastly, the youngest of the siblings, Junjie is in-charge of the daily operations. With the cooperation with one another, no wonder Whisk and Paddle is such a success!

whisk-and-paddle-wall whisk-and-paddle-interior

The three of them have always wanted to open a cafe together and the spot at Punggol Waterway Park was just the ideal location. The place was beautiful. The view was very scenic and peaceful. As Whisk and Paddle is located beside the park, you can see many cyclist and athletics visiting their establishment too.

whisk-and-paddle-plants whisk-and-paddle-play-area whisk-and-paddle-stand whisk-and-paddle-indoor-seating whisk-and-paddle-outdoor-seating

Whisk and Paddle is decorated with many unique displays. The music played in the cafe were also modern pop songs that you and I can sing along too. They even have a play area for kids and a stand that sells a range of miscellaneous products. The store has both indoor and outdoor seatings which is very spacious and can accommodate a lot of customers. Their signature dishes are their Macaroni and Cheese and Waffle Benedicts. Weekend lunch time is one of their busiest timings so if you want to avoid the crowd, try to head down on a weekday.


We had to try their Macaroni and Cheese. The dish was served in a metal pan which was pretty hot. The mac and cheese was torched on the top giving it a slightly charred colour which added a nice flavour to the dish. Unlike many other mac and cheese that serves soggy macaroni, the macaroni here is chewy! The portion is quite large and since it is served in a cream based sauce, you would think that it can get pretty ‘gelat’ right? They used generous slices of ham to counter the repetitive taste.


Next, we tried the Crabmeat Linguine. One of my favourite dish. The portion is also bigger than the pastas you order elsewhere. The amount of crabmeat given was definitely value for money. The dish was a little spicy which gave it a nice kick. Just thinking about it makes me drool.

whisk-and-paddle-coffee-making whisk-and-paddle-rose-matcha-latte

We were lucky enough to try out their new drink, Rose Matcha Latte, that hasn’t officially been launched yet. First of all, the colour was so pretty! The fragrance of both the rose and matcha married one another creating a drink that was super fragrant and delicious. The best part is that it is not too sweet.


For dessert, we had Macarons. We tried four different flavours: Thai Tea, Cookies and Cream, Rose, Matcha. They were generally not too sweet and the shell is very airy. Crunchy and light at the same time.

whisk-and-paddle-garden whisk-and-paddle-whisk-garden-sign

At the back of the cafe, you can see a small little farm. Although most of the plants grown are used for their own consumption, plants like the mint leaves are used in their drinks for their customers. Super fresh!

On 15th October, Whisk and Paddle will be launching their new menu, including a back-by-popular-demand Tiger Prawn Macaroni and Cheese which was a festive offering in 2015. Other new items include Prawn and Kelp Spaghetti, Mushroom Linguine, Prime Pork Ribs, Coq Au Vin and many more. For desserts, Churros will be added into their new menu as well as pancakes! They will be introducing new matcha latte series for their drinks such as: Matcha and Rose Latte as well as Matcha and Chocolate Latte.


Whisk and Paddle will be having their 2nd year anniversary from 18th all the way till 23rd October so do keep a lookout for their weeklong promotion on their Facebook page, like 1-for-1 Japanese Swiss Roll, $2 Macarons, $5 Wings/Sausage/Spam Fries and also $30 for bucket of 5 Corona Beer. Free Balloon artist, face painters and a live band will also be part of the celebration on 22nd and 23rd October!

Be sure to check out Whisk and Paddle!!

Where: 10 Tebing Lane, #01-01, Singapore 828836
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Friday – 3.30pm to 10.30pm, Saturday to Sunday and PH – 9.30am to 10.30pm
Contact Information: 6242 4617