Care for a Glass of Black Truffle Stout?

Change the craft beer scene in Asia by increasing the popularity and hype!


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Gypsy brewers are people who don’t own their own brewery. Instead, they do experiments and create unique beer flavours in breweries owned by others all around the world. What’s different as compared to commercial beers is that their unusual brews are made in smaller quantities and they aim to create unique flavours and methods of brewing.


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Danish gypsy brewer, Mikkel Borg Bjergso, who was a high-school Mathematics and Physics teacher started out by experimenting in his Kitchen in Copenhagen. He has since created over 200 flavours and is looking into creating beers with low alcohol content (below 0.5%) or non-alcoholic. He said that “We’re pretty much the first brewery to do non-alcoholic beers that actually taste like beer.”. He also shares that if he enjoys drinking beer for it’s flavour. If the beer is good and has a lower alcohol content, than he can consume more of it.


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Mr Bjergso is very precise with his recipes. He gives detailed information and specifications on how each brew should be done to the brewers. He have tried interesting flavours such as Vietnamese Kopi Luwak stout and The Forager (made with SGD$14,000 worth of black truffles). He also has lighter beers such as the Berliner Weisse, which is refreshing sour wheat beer that is brewed with fruit flavours like lemon, blueberry and passionfruit.


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Mikkeller now has five breweries, two in U.S.A and three in Europe. This year, he opened Mikkeller Bar here in Singapore, located at Prinsep Street. This is the second outlet in Southeast Asia with the first being Bangkok. Mikkeller Bar has 20 taps that rotates frequently with a few beers that are constant, like Bugis Brown, Prinsep Pilsner and Waterloo Wit.


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Mr Bjergso sees to be able to change the craft beer scene in Asia by increasing the popularity and hype of the this product. He says:

“I started it because I wanted to make good beer – and that’s pretty much still what I want.”

Visit Mikkeller Bar today for an interesting glass of craft beer!

Where: 120A Prinsep Street, Singapore 187937
Operating Hours: 4pm to 12am daily
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