Chef-in-Box World chef Series: Take a trip to Korea

Back for it's third instalment, Chef-In-Box's World Chef Series now brings us to the land of Kimchi, Fried Chicken and Army Stews.


By Marian Govin

Chef-in-Box, the popular Vendcafe has taken to the liking of many Singaporeans with it’s convenience and delicious food. In a bid to bring people on a gastronomical adventure around the world, Chef-in-box has released it’s world chef series, where award winning chefs from around the world cook up a storm with dishes from their homeland. In it’s third instalment, Chef-in-box brings us to Korea, with Chef Kim Dong Suk being the mastermind behind these delectable favourites. Korean culture has been a popular trend over the past few years and with it being at it’s peak, what better time than now to introduce this spectacular range!

Spicy Seafood With Rice

Spicy Seafood with rice ($8.80)

Koreans and Singaporeans both love our spicy food and with this spicy seafood, it hits all the right notes. Generously portioned with pieces of prawns, crabmeats and even clams, the sweet and spicy taste of the sauce is a perfect pairing for white rice. Imagine a pot of hearty spicy seafood stew which you have let simmer for a long time and has turned into a thick sauce coating each piece of seafood. If you can’t take spice very well, I definitely won’t recommend that you pick this!

Beef Bulgogi With Rice

Beef Bulgogi with Rice ($8.80)

This is a classic Korean staple. Bulgogi meats are commonly found in KBBQ spreads, but the Chef-in-Box version comes from a home grown recipe. Using Chef Kim’s recipe, the blend of sweet and savoury hit all the right notes like a true Korean homemade bulgogi. Juicy pieces of meat are paired perfectly and fluffy white rice are bound to make your tummy feeling super satisfied.  Stir fried with an abundance of vegetables, take yourself to the streets Korea with this authentic rendition of Beef Bulgogi!



Bibimbap ($8.80)

A Bibimbap in a microwavable version? Well yes, and boy this works perfect. Get your daily dosage of fresh vegetables, together with sticky white rice and a dollop of spicy red pepper paste. The ingredient that brings bibimbap together is the definitely the red pepper paste and Chef Kim has included his own homegrown recipe into this bibimbap as well. The paste has other spices and ingredients like chicken mixed in. With a great kick of spice, this bibimbap has got fresh, spicy and delicious all mixed into it!

Soy Chicken With Glass Noodle

Soy Chicken with Glass Noodle ($8.80)

The final piece to the 4 piece Korean fiesta is the Soy Chicken with Glass Noodles. A dish perfect for something light but still delicious. The sauce is slightly sweet but still has the slight hint of Korean spice. The glass noodles are actually in fact Sweet potato glass noodles. This gives it an added sweet taste and a slightly more chewy texture. The chicken is also mixed with chunky bits of potato and carrots to give it an added texture and bite.

The third instalment of Chef in Box’s World chef series definitely did not disappoint and left us wanting more! These special Korean delights are available at all vendcafe outlets as well as online ( So what are you waiting for, get yourself a box of Korean goodness!