Chinese New Year Snacks to Binge on in the Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year also means stacks of snacks lined up along the dining table, but what kind of snack should you be getting?


By Marian Govin

We’re officially less than a month away from the season of red packets, and with that comes the wide array of snacks and goodies such as Bak Kwa and traditional Kuehs. We Singaporeans, regardless of race, are all equally crazy over the snacks that our festive holidays bring us. Boxes of pineapple tarts, nuts and spring rolls are stacked up on the table awaiting the relatives and friends to devour. This Chinese New Year (CNY), other than your regular love letters and prawn crackers, here are some unique snacks to stock up on!

Antoinette’s Orh Nee Cake


Antoinette has always been known for the specially curated desserts and their super pretty packaging. These intricate delights are created by Chef Pang and his team, and they have never disappointed. This CNY, they seem to be going in an Orh Nee Direction with their Orh Nee Cakes ($10/slice)  and Orh Nee Macarons ($19 for a box of 6). The cake is layered with both yam and pumpkin, and it’s subtle taste is complimented by the light chiffon cake. The macaron has a slightly stronger taste, but is still light on their palate.

Antoinette’s Singapura Cookie Tin

If you aren’t one for cakes or macarons, then you should definitely opt for their Singapura cookie tin ($24). Packed with six different types of cookies all inspired by the local favour, this box of cookies is bound to bring a smile to everyone! Flavours like Hebi Hiam, Kopi Susu, and curry and cheese, these innovative flavours are out of the box but delicious nonetheless! For more info, visit

Ollella’s Assorted Kue Lapis


Simple, oriental and beautiful is the theme for their packaging, all enclosing delicious buttery goodies.  This season, Ollella has specially come up with a range of traditional goodies for everyone to enjoy. Their bestseller include their original spiced kueh lapis (price varies with flavour and size) . Layer of buttery goodness that break apart in your mouth, one that everyone has grown up loving. Try out their other flavours which are, original butter, salted egg yolk, prune rum and Nutella!

Ollella’s Almond Cookies

Ollella’s Butter Cookies

Don’t stop yourself there, dig into their delicious cookies and pineapple pillows (Price varies with size) which will melt into your mouth, perfect for the annual get togethers! For more info, visit

The Golden Duck’s CNY Pack

The Golden Duck

What’s CNY without some salted egg? Salted egg yolk chips are the best snack to share and The Golden Duck has the perfect recipe for it. With their popular Salted Egg Yolk Potato chips and Fish Skin ($7), they have come up with a special packaging just for CNY. Their classic brown packing has been swapped out for a gold bag with oriental elements.

The Golden Duck’s Salted Egg Yolk Fish Skin

Each bag also comes with traditional Chinese well wishes, and if you collect five to eight variations, and you can take part in a lucky draw! With prizes such as a staycation in Studio M, a brand new iPhone X and a trip on the Genting dream cruise, make sure you get your hands on all the packages! For more info, visit