Coffee Break – Uniquely Flavoured Toasts and Drinks

Coffee Break, a hawker stall at Amoy Food Centre owned by the three Sai siblings, is now located at the new GSH Plaza Building. They sell sock-brewed coffee with unique toast and drink flavours, and now they have two café branches: one at Science Park and the latest one at Raffles Place.


By shani

I’m sure you’ve heard of Coffee Break at Amoy Food Centre owned by the three Sai siblings. Curious as to why they would want to open another branch at the CBD area, when their original branch at Amoy is doing so well, I asked Faye Sai, who is in charge of this outlet. Turns out, there are rumours swirling around that Amoy Food Centre may close down, and this strategy is to anticipate for that change to ensure that they are still located in the CBD area. Why branch out into cafés and not hawker stalls? As there a fewer hawker centres in the CBD, with market street closing down, branching out into other hawker centres in the CBD would not be ideal.

Constantly drawing inspirations from their travels or other cultures, it’s no question why Coffee Break is still a popular choice for working folks in the buzzing CBD area during their lunch breaks.


Want to try their premium toasts which consists of spreads you’d never think of putting it in your toasts? We first tried the Rum & Raisin Toast ($3.50 get $0.20 off with any drink). You must be thinking, “Wait, does that mean there’s alcohol?!” No worries! There’s no alcohol in it, it’s just an extract! This rare filling for a toast seems weird at first, but a bite of this and you’ll start wondering, where have this been all your life! They ensure that there’s a generous amount of that white fluffy rum and raisin filling. I guarantee you that it’ll be like clouds in your mouth!

There’s black sesame ice-cream, mochi, drink so why not black sesame toast? Inspired by Black Sesame paste in Japan, this Black Sesame Toast ($3.50 get $0.20 off with any drink), which is also under the premium toasts section, tastes both sweet and savoury at the same time, making us crave for more once we’ve finished them! Of course there are other interesting flavours to try such as Early Grey Creme and Pistachio!

There are also savoury toasts such as Tuna Mayo and Ham & Cheese! We tried the Egg Paprika Toast ($4.20, get $0.20 off with any drink) which is only sold here at this outlet as it’s Faye’s recipe! Egg-lovers will surely fall in love with this toast, as it’s inspired by devilled eggs often served at parties in the States.


Of course they have the usual and traditional kopi and teh, $2.40 for hot and $2.80 for iced. But let’s not be boring and try some of their unique flavours which is what they are known for!

There’s also several interesting flavoured red tea such as Rosehip Blackcurrent and Ginger Honey. We tried the Cinnamon Apple Red Tea (Hot or Iced: $3.80). It tasted both fruity and savoury, but most importantly refreshing. Definitely a must-try for Cinnamon-lovers!

They have vanilla milk drinks and one that was highly recommended was the Irish Cream Latte (Hot or Iced: $4.80) This white and creamy latte tastes a little sweet and reminds me of vanilla ice-cream. It’s like heaven in your mouth!

Sea Salt Caramel Vanilla Milk Tea (Hot or Iced: $5.20)This had an interesting taste, with a mix of sea salt and caramel, who knew they could work so well together!

Coffee Break – Raffles Place
GSH Plaza, 20 Cecil Street #02-09 Singapore 049705

Opening Hours:
 7:30am – 6:00pm

Other Outlets:
7 Maxwell Road, #02-78 Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 069111
2 Science Park Drive, #01-28 Ascent, Singapore 118222