Dine in a Light and Fluffy Cloud House

Looking for quality food and beverage? Kumoya is your answer!


By delsar

Started less than 2 months ago, Kumoya is a cafe that serves Japanese-French inspired desserts and pastries such as petite eclairs, macarons, madeleines, pancakes and parfaits. The name Kumoya was derived from the description of a fluffy and light cloud house and they wanted to extend this concept into their desserts. This is why all their desserts and pastries are made in-house and all have the special quality of being light on the palette. Kumoya wants to cater to all customers and thats why they have a Halal Certification (pending approval). This is probably the very first Japanese-French inspired cafe to do that in Singapore.


Kumoya works with Compound Coffee Co. that runs the coffee bar and the coffee services at Kumoya. This is a join collaboration between Kumoya and Compound Coffee Co. to serve quality artisanal beverages alongside eclairs and parfaits which is Kumoya’s signature items. Compound Coffee Co. serves coffee that is not overly strong and prefers to present the coffee with the inherent flavours from the coffee from good quality beans. Kumoya understood this fact and wanted to serve it inline with their theme and concept here which is fluffy and light cloud desserts, so the coffee serve are also not overly rich and heavy in taste.

kumoya-eclairs-2 kumoya-breakfast

The busiest times at Kumoya is always tea time or after dinner as they are marketed and branded as a dessert cafe. Their clean and white interior was spacious and can seat up to 30 customers at once. But Kumoya wishes to present it more as a full-fledge cafe where they serve savoury items and they want to expand their range rather than just being known as a dessert house. Kumoya is slowly expanding their savoury menu as they want to give their customers a more complete experience. For now, they serve savoury food items like Breakfast, Tempura Soft Shell Crab with Pancakes, Truffle fries and Karaage Chicken.

For now, they have 9 different flavours of eclair, 6 flavours of macarons, 5 different flavours of madeleines, 4 flavours of yogurt parfaits and 3 types of sweet pancakes. Here is what we tried.


First, we started off with one of their savoury dishes, Breakfast, where butter pancakes were served with poached egg, sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes confit, turkey bacon, caramelised onion baked beans and hash brown. The pancakes were fluffy and was moisten with the runny egg yolk. The crispy bacon and hash brown is just impossible to dislike. A fairly high standard savoury dish for a dessert cafe.

kumoya-parfait kumoya-parfait-2

Next, we had their Sakura Yogurt Parfait. This dessert was so pretty and pink with the sakura shaped langue de chat (cat tongue cookie) nicely place onto the yogurt. The yogurt was serve alongside soufflé cheesecake, vanilla pudding, cereal crunch, dango (Japanese sweet rice dumpling), raspberries, strawberries, , sakura syrup and red fruit coulis. The yogurt was light and refreshing. The dango was super Q, the cereal was crispy and the vanilla pudding was soft which created many different layers to this dessert. The balance of sweetness and acidity of the coulis was also great.

kumoya-set kumoya-soda

Last but not least, we tried their Petite Eclairs. We tried 6 out of the 9 flavours available: Yuzu, Matcha, Hazelnut Chocolate, Sakura, Ichigo Chantilly, Black Forest. The eclairs were generally not too sweet and has a light and creamy filling. The eclairs were all bite size, delicate and pretty making it great for parties and events. The latte and peach fresh soda went really well with the desserts as the drinks did not overpower the dishes in anyway.

Kumoya is now offering a Christmas Celebration Savoury Cassis Set which consist of a Smoked Duck with Pancake, Mini Parfait with Dual Cassis Yogurt Swirl, Mini Cassis Macaron, Cassis Eclair and Cassis Fresh Soda.


There’s a lot of work and research that goes into creating every different flavour, every different parfaits and the pastries that comes out of Kumoya. If you are looking for quality food and beverage Kumoya is definitely the place to go.


Visit Kumoya today!

Where: 8 Japan Klapa, Singapore 199320
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday – 12pm to 10pm, Friday to Saturday – 12pm to 10.30pm, Sunday – 12.30pm to 10pm. Closed on Mondays.
Contact Information: 6297 3727