By Marian Govin

Who said you can’t find good food and fun games all in one place? Combine good food together with a 5D movie theatre and VR + arcade games and you will land at DM Chicken! Located at the heart of Chinatown, DM Chicken serves up delicious platters of chicken and seafood plus a wide array of side dishes!

DM Chicken ($50 onwards)

Depending on the size of your group, the platters come in different sizes. 50CM for you and a partner, 75cm for a party of four or 100cm for six to eight people. The base platter comes with chicken, fried, salad and cheese. Choose to opt for one side chicken and one side seafood to get a better variety of food on your platter. You also get to choose between the original or spicy sauce for your chicken and seafood. We definitely recommend the spicy sauce (We love our spicy foods). A great blend of sweet and spicy, the heat from the sauce gives your tastebuds a jolt at the start but still allows for the sweetness to come through. Sliced bits of carrots, potatoes and rice cakes are also mixed into the platter which makes the dish that much more fulfilling. If you can’t handle spice, don’t be afraid to just get original sauce! This is one of those dishes that is just perfect to eat with rice (yes we love our rice too), drench your rice in the sauce and accompany it with juicy pieces of chicken or fresh seafood!

Kimchi Seafood Soup ($15.90)

This was a dish that we were not expecting to like. A place that specialises in chicken serving Kimchi seafood soup? We were pleasantly surprised when the soup has the nice tinge of sourness from the kimchi, but yet still had a slight kick of the spice. It wasn’t a really Kimchi soup in our books but rather it tasted more of sweet and spicy soup (酸辣汤), with a generous serving of clams, squid and prawns nestled at the base of the soup. Make sure you take a deep scoop to ladle out of the seafood goodness!

Surfing Salmon ($9.90)

These looked like little surfboard filled with golden grain of sand from afar, but are in fact a salmon salad served top a chip. The refreshing taste lightness of the salmon helps to lighten your tastebuds in between the heavy meal. The salad is lightly seasoned with bits of chopped salmon mixed together with mayonnaise, and refreshing blend of cucumber and fruits. The overall taste of the dish was somewhat fruity, yet the mayo weighted the flavour down a bit to give the dish a more hearty feel.

Mexican Fried Chicken ($9.90)

Yes we know, this basically look like a set of rocks but don’t judge a book by it’s cover! We were informed that the fried chicken was coated in squid ink, hence the black outer coating. So how did it taste? The best way to describe it is, “Taiwan Chicken”. Like those big juicy fried piece of chicken thighs from Hot Star, the marinate to the chicken was similar to that. A nice blend of spices gave the chicken  great flavour but the quid ink helped make the coating extra crispy. Though not very strong in terms of taste, the super crispy coating really helped to elevate the chicken!

Iced Lady Finger ($6.90)

This is not a side dish that you see at many places, and in fact this was the first time that we saw lady fingers being served whole as a side dish. Fresh sticks of lady fingers paired with soy sauce. Yes, surprisingly, the soy sauce wasn’t overpowering with the lady fingers but actually complemented it really well. The crisp crunch of the lady fingers was a great filler for in between dishes. If you are a fan of lady fingers, this is a dish for you! (we actually dipped the lady finger in the sauce from the platter and that was delicious too!)

Juice Tower ($12.80 / $18.80)

Need to drink something while eating? Then get the juice tower! We got the watermelon tower and once you drink it, you will know that it is definitely made from fresh watermelon. Literally, it taste like pure watermelons that are juiced and with nothing added, except ice of course. Served in a ginormous tower, this tower is enough to feed more then four people!

VR Games & 5D Movie Theatre

No need to be bored while waiting for your food anymore! If each adult at the table is paying $20 each in the bill, everyone is entitled to one round of a free VR game or a 5D movie experience. Step aside USS as you choose from a wide array of movies and games and work up your appetite. Games like horse riding or skiing, or 5D rollercoaster movies rides set in different places like a mine cave or a jungle! If you have been dying to try out VR games or 5D rides, you definitely won’t be disappointed with array available here!

So what are you waiting for! DM Chicken is the place to go for you to enjoy good food and fun games all under one roof! Bring along your family and friends to enjoy it together!

191B New Bridge Rd
Singapore 059423

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130AM – 1AM

Nearest MRT: Chinatown

Tel No.: 91058156