Food Emo: Lok Lok, Hotpots and Stone Grill all in one place?!

Love cheesy BBQ and stone grills? Well, you've got to head down to Food Emo to get the best of both worlds!


By shani

Previously located at Pasir Panjang Food Centre, this place was originally a hawker stall named JQPot. They have since revamped it into a restaurant near City Square Mall, even renaming their restaurant to Food Emo as it now sells not just Asian hot pots and lok lok, but Western hot stone grill as well!

It now looks sleeker, bigger and better. With a revamped menu and place, their loyal fans from Pasir Panjang have even come all the way here to dine at their new outlet!

Lok Lok, which is actually vegetables and meat on skewers, usually deep-fried, is popular in both Singapore and Malaysia. Over here, their lok lok are placed neatly on the shelves for customers to pick their favourite meat or vegetable. You can even select which ones they want to deep-fry.They have very unique lok loks such as mini lotus buns as well as cheesy ham.

The interesting thing about this place is that there is a hot pot in the middle, where you can have lok lok at the same time by placing your skewers on the aluminium foil. You can choose from three different bases for the hot pot: soup, satay or cheese!

What’s new about this place is their Stone Grill. Hoping to bring more variety to their restaurant, they have brought these heavenly dishes to appeal to a larger crowd. And I must say, these stone grills are mouthwateringly delicious. They have the normal Stone Grill (ranges from $9.80 to $18.80) as well as the Cheesy Stone Grill (ranges from $12.80 to $21.80).

We tried two different types of cheesy stone grills, because everything just tastes better with cheese! The owner recommended the pork chop ($12.80) and garlic chicken chop ($12.80) and they were both heavenly. The smoky flavour of the meat, along with the cheese, and dipping it into the sauce given just makes the entire dish really flavourful. I’m so glad they introduced this into their new menu because this dish is underrated indeed!

157 Kitchener Road

Opening Hours: 
12:00PM – 2:30PM, 6:00PM – 10:30PM (Daily)

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