Fresh Fruits Lab- A Unique Lab Cafe Experience

A cafe which inculcates fresh fruits in its dishes and has a hippie laboratory decoration. Located in the East, this would your new go-to cafe!


By weijing

If you’re looking for a themed cafe serving high quality food, Fresh Fruits Lab is definitely the place to go! Located in Kembangan, eating in this cafe is really a unique experience you’ll never forget! Food is served on lab-styled utensils, the drinks are served in test-tubes and the entire cafe setting mimics that of a science lab!

Every diner gets complimentary tubes of fruit juice!

The first dish we tried was the Beer Shrooms ($10) served with Arrabiata Dipping Sauce. There was a good mix of the mushroom and batter, which had a tinge of beer taste!

Next up was the Masago Caviar Pasta ($20) topped with baked half shell scallop topped with fresh quail egg. The pasta sauce was light and the massage caviar spiced up the entire dish, giving it a very unique yet addictive taste!

The next dish we had was the Cajun Chicken ($19) which is roasted Cajun spiced chicken with cream masago caviar sauce. It is also served with grilled cauliflower, clarified butter truffle mash, bacon, cherry tomatoes and green zucchini. The truffle mash went so well with the entire dish and was not too overpowering.

Lastly, we had the Soft Shell Crab Burger ($19) which is dipped in its homemade chilli crab sauce. The amount of batter was just nice as well, not making the entire dish too gelat. This dish has a unique local twist to it and is definitely a must try!

For the drinks, we had the Unicorn Soda ($8) which is grapefruit sofa filled with colourful and fruity ice cubes.

Another must-try is the Beetroot Latte ($6) served with mini biscuits!

All in all, this cafe is definitely a must-go due to the unique atmosphere you can never find elsewhere and the delicious food it serves! We would definitely recommend a worthy trip down to this cafe!

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