A Gem Found in Ang Mo Kio

Eat a satisfying meal at an affordable price!


By delsar

Work or school can be stressful sometimes and once in a while, you just want to chill out with your friends at a cafe. But many a times, hipster cafes charge their drinks and food at a crazy price just because they charge for “atmosphere”. At The Workbench Bistro, you can not only have a relaxing time with your friends, but also eat a satisfying meal at an affordable price (even secondary school teenagers can afford it, we saw a couple of them).

the-workbench-bistro-wall-display the-workbench-bistro-counter the-workbench-bistro-display

Affordable food does NOT mean that The Workbench Bistro compromised on their interior design and forgo the importance of creating a nice ambience in a cafe. The dimly lit store created a warm and cozy feel to the small interior. They provide both indoor and outdoor seats. Using the ever so popular industrial style furnitures, mainly wood and metal tables and chairs.

the-workbench-bistro-pasta the-workbench-bistro-burger

Now, let’s look at the food. For their mains, we had a Salted Egg Chicken Pasta. This pasta is a pretty common dish in many cafes nowadays, but at The Workbench Bistro, the spices used were on point. The little spiciness of the dish compliments well with the generous portion of crispy, yet tender, chicken served. We also had a Egg Lava Beef Burger. And as the name suggest, the yolk literally flows out when you slice the burger. For a person who loves raw yolk, this is just GREAT news! The burger is served with a thick slice of juicy beef patty, bacon slice, melted cheese and fresh lettuce. The patty was well marinated with herbs which gave the burger a unique and savoury fragrance. The fries served on the side was also topped with spices.


For the side, we ordered everyone’s favourite, Spam Fries! The great thing about this dish is that the Spam wasn’t too salty so you can eat as many as you want. They serve it in a generous portion with a mayonnaise dipping sauce. The spam fries was topped with cheese as well which made it even better!

the-workbench-bistro-waffle the-workbench-bistro-ice-cream

Lastly, to end off our meal, we had Purple Sweet Potato Waffles. This dish is the one you post on your Instagram. They used real chunks of sweet potato in the waffle mix which made the waffle surprisingly chewy. The good kind of chewy. You can’t really taste the sweet potato which is good news to people who dislike sweet potatoes. Maybe because the waffles are served with a choice of caramel or chocolate sauce and topped with a scoop of ice cream. If you love sweet potatoes, like me, you won’t be disappointed as well because the added texture made the waffles extra enjoyable to chew. Just take a bite of the waffles without any toppings, you can bite into chunks of the fragrant and sweet purple sweet potatoes. The whole dessert was generally not too sweet. The ice cream The Workbench Bistro uses are from Bing Bing Ice Cream Gallery. The Belgium chocolate we had was so yummy!


So check out The Workbench Bistro today for affordable cafe food!

Where: Blk 332, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, #01-1881, Singapore 560332
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday – 12pm to 10pm, Friday – 12pm to 11pm, Saturday – 10am to 11pm, Sunday – 10am to 10pm
Contact Information: 6452 0810