Get World Class Food at your Neighbourhood Chef-In-Box Vendcafe


By Marian Govin

Ever wanted to get restaurant quality food without feeling the pinch on the wallet? Or maybe you’re itching to grab something for supper but you’re tires of the usual coffee shop takeaway? Well, here’s a solution to all your troubles! Chef in box has launched its new world Chef series, where world class chefs have curated dishes just for you. First in line is Chef Satish Arora. A world renowned Chef who has cooked for the likes of Royalties and celebrities.

In his series for Chef In Box, you can expect to see classic Indian favourites like Butter Chicken and Prawn Chettinad, all affordably priced under $10.

Butter Chicken with Cumin Rice ($8.80)
Helmed as Queen Elizabeth’s Favourite Butter Chicken, the Butter chicken with Cumin Rice is jam packed with flavour but yet light on the tummy. One would expect a dish this creamy and delectable to feel heavy but this proves it wrong. The perfect blend of spices combine to form a symphony in your mouth and every mouthful brings you closer to Indian Food Heaven.

Prawn Chettinad with Lemon Rice ($8.80)
The Prawn Chettinad with Lemon Rice was another one of our favourites. The prawns were crunchy and had just the right amount of bite and yet again the spices hit just the right note. The taste of cumin, turmeric, curry powder all meshed together perfectly and is best enjoyed when soaked in the rice.

Goa Vegetable Curry with Cumin Rice ($8.80)
This is definitely a dish you might not consider to look twice at, but is actually worth every bite. The vegetable curry is packed with just as much flavour as the other dishes and the various vegetables give the curry a unique blend of textures. The curry spice in this was a little more muted than the rest but this meant that the natural flavours of the vegetables were able to shine through and be the star of the dish.

Briyani with Vegetables and Dhal Mahkani ($8.80) 
Looking for something without the curry mess? The vegetable briyani is the one for you. Don’t overlook this simple but mighty dish, as every grain of rice is filled with flavour and satisfaction with every mouth is guaranteed.

Indian – Chicken Korma with Tomato Rice ($8.80) 
Now what if you’re not a fan of spices and heat but still want to try something new? Go ahead and grab the Chicken Korma. Creamy and yoghurty goodness, each piece of chicken is covered generously with the sauce and tastes absolute divine.

Home Style Chicken Curry, Peo Pulao ($8.80) 
And finally the home style chicken curry, an Indian classic and favourite. Ask any Indian and they will tell you that nothing can beat their Mother/grandmother’s chicken curry. But this comes in a close second. Reminiscent of the taste of home, Chef Satish’s chicken curry hits all the right notes. Just the right amount of spice, the right kick you need and of course perfectly cooked chicken and soft fluffy basmati rice. Every inch of dish can be swallowed up within seconds.

World Chef Series dishes will be available exclusively for online purchase from the Chef-In-Box online portal from 21st August. It will also be exclusively available at the Chef-In-Box Vendcafe Pasir Ris by the end of August.

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