Give Me A Bowl of Dessert

Wide range of choices and reasonable pricing!


By delsar

dessert-bowl-interior dessert-bowl-seats

Stepping into Dessert Bowl, you will see only simple furnitures some simple decorations that gave off a old Hong Kong vibe. With the Cantonese music playing in the background and the displays of miniature old school hawker stalls, you can imagine yourself in a Hong Kong dessert stall.

dessert-bowl-durian-mousse dessert-bowl-mango-pomelo

The top three desserts at Dessert Bowl are: Durain Mousse ($5), Aiyu Mango ($4.50) and Mango Pomelo ($4.50). The price of the desserts are fairly reasonable ranging from $3.20 to $8. The portion served is definitely value for money.

deesert-bowl-durian-mousse-2 dessert-bowl-mango-pomelo-2

We ordered the Durain Mousse and Mango Pomelo to try. The dessert was a combination of durian puree and fresh durian meat. The durian used was also sweet. The whole dessert was milky and filled with the unique fragrance of durian. No wonder this is their number one selling product! The Mango Pomelo (杨枝甘露) had sweet mango cubes in it. The whole dessert was smooth, similar to a mango smoothie. The sago in the dish was crunchy which added to the texture of the dessert.

Dessert Bowl not only offer traditional desserts like green bean soup, black glutinous rice or snow ear white fungus but also interesting dishes like durian-misu which is pretty much a combination of durian and tiramisu. They even sell crepes and waffles for those who are more interested in western style desserts.

With the wide range of choices and reasonable pricing, Dessert bowl is definitely a great place for a simple but delicious bowl of dessert!

Where: 80 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555976
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday – 1pm to 10.30pm, Friday to Sunday – 1pm to 12am. Closed on Mondays.
Contact Information: