Grove Singapore: Tasty Meatless Food for under $10 in Punggol

Want to try fantastic meatless food at an affordable price? Head down to Punggol to try this underrated meatless restaurant!


By shani

Located conveniently just inside Punggol Waterway Point is the Grove – the brainchild of the award-winning meatless concept restaurant, Elemen. Unlike many vegetarian eateries, Grove carefully sources quality natural ingredients such as sea salt, olive oil and truffle to create healthy yet creative Asian cuisine that caters to the locals. With their latest revamped menu, the newly created dishes are not only delicious but also value for money!

One of their unique new dishes is the Signature Dry Truffle Ramen ($8.80). First of all, you don’t get to see truffle often on dishes, let alone a vegetarian dish. Second of all, dried ramen. Third of all, this is my favourite dish here, maybe because of the truffles. I am impressed at how they managed to add this one into the menu because it is rather uncommon in a vegetarian restaurant and they managed to keep it at an affordable price!

You should also try the Dry Kung Pao Ramen ($6.80). Though the toppings look like saffron but they are actually dried chilli! The “kung pao” monkey head mushroom is actually really tasty and after one spoon of it, I just kept craving for more!

They even have Laksa Soup Ramen ($7.80) which is actually nyonya laksa so it’s less spicy. Try it if you are feeling nostalgic!

Don’t be shunned by the Tomato Soup Spinach Noodles ($7.80) just because it sounds unappetising. It is in fact not a bad vegetarian dish. The tomato soup was thick and flavourful, giving that unique touch to the ramen we are used to!

They have the new Bento set in which you can pick either 1 main + 2 greens ($7.80) or 2 mains + 1 green ($9.80). We had the latter and let me tell you, it was DE-LI-CIOUS! The mains and sides will vary on a daily basis as the preparations is based on the freshness of the natural ingredients instore.  We had rendang as our “main”, in which they used monkey head mushroom for it, and it’s tasty!

As for the drinks, they serve fruit juices and teas as well, healthy and great to pair with the dishes available. These juices are freshly made every morning! They sell Layered Fruit Juices ($3.80) which has two different colours from the two fruits they have combined. All you have to do is shake, shake and shake to get that nice colour and concoction. They have 4 different combinations to choose from: Guava and Dragonfruit, Papaya and Milk, Apple and Carrot as well as Kiwi and Orange!

If you’re looking for something to quench your thirst, I recommend ordering their Iced Floral Tea ($2.80)! My personal favourite is their Lavender Green Tea which tastes like flowers in your mouth. Their Peach Red Tea tastes fruitier and it is definitely worth a try as well!

83 Punggol Central
#02-21 Waterway Point West Wing
(S) 828761

Opening Hours: 
11am-9:30pm (Daily)

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