Guilt-free Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year?

How about a newer and healthier version of bak kwa?


By delsar


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Every Chinese New Year, we fall prey to the sinful goodies available at every house you visit. From pineapple tarts to crispy egg rolls, we are never lacking of these delicious snacks. Here’s the good news, the sense of guilt every time you pick up a slice of bak kwa will be gone in a few years time!


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A team from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and well-known bak kwa retailer Lim Chee Guan partnered up and are creating healthy bak kwa. The NYP team uses okara, a soy bean residue, to create this new and improved version of bak kwa. Okara is a product that is usually discarded but by processing and converting it into meat floss, this new version of bak kwa is crispier and contains high in dietary fibre.


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The team has spent much time in the research and development of this product but this crispy snack was created through an accident. They rolled the mix too thinly and overcooked it which resulted in these thin and crispy strips of bak kwa. They were about to throw the failed product away when they decided to try it and found it actually tasted good.


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With the support of Lim Chee Guan, the team is encouraging the company to use okara into the company’s secret bak kwa recipe.


So what do you think of this newer, healthier version of bak kwa?

Source: The Straits Times