Hantol Korean Restaurant: Hearty Korean Food in the CBD

Located at GSH Plaza, this is the place to go for a taste of authentic Korean food!


By shani

Craving for kimchis and bibimbaps while you’re working in the CBD? Fret not because Hantol Korean Restaurant here will help to satiate your Korean food cravings! Located at GSH Plaza, this new and sleek restaurant sells toasts and lunch boxes, but what they want to showcase to us was that they can even turn typical Korean food into something refreshingly yummy. Albeit conventional, it is these dishes that keeps their customers coming back for more!

Not to mention, their staff are Korean too and hearing them speak English with their Korean accent is strangely satisfying.

We tried their Tteok-bokki ($8) which is piquant and mouthwateringly delicious. This dish has got to be my favourite because few places can get the perfect tteok-bokki sauce right to make bring out that strong spicy Korean flavour it’s supposed to have. Luckily, we got to try one of the best right here at Hantol!

Their Boneless Chicken ($12) is also a scrumptious dish, serving up crispy and tender chicken for us to eat that looks and tastes palatable. Order this if you want to share with a group of 3-4 people!

 Their  Jjajangmyeon Pork ($12.90) comes with four side dishes, and their jjajangmyeon? Delish! The taste isn’t as jelat as I thought it would be and it tastes really flavourful overall.

Last but certainly not the least, we tried the Bibimbap (Chicken: $10.90) which is served with all of its ingredients placed neatly, with an egg in the middle topped with sesame seeds. After mixing it up altogether, I was amazed by how impeccable the taste was. It was like a burst of flavours in my mouth! Definitely a must-try!

GSH Plaza
20 Cecil Street
(S) 049705

Opening Hours:
7:30am – 9:00pm (Mon – Fri)
9:00am – 7:00pm (Sat)
11:30am – 7:00pm (Sun & PH)

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