Hidden Gem in Golden Mile Complex: YCube Mookata

One of the best mookata buffets in Golden Mile...


By weijing

Continuing from our Little Thailand series, where we visited Noodle Cafe previously, we would be reviewing YCube Mookata today. It is a famous mookata store within this complex despite strong competition from its neighbours. After stepping into the store, we finally understood the reason why.

There was a variety of seafood, vegetables, fried food and even ice cream! In the meat section, there was pork belly, beef, bbq seasoned, pepper seasoned and spicy seasoned meat.

For the seafood section, we were equally spoilt for choice and there were even crab and lobsters!

What surprised us was how there was a selection of fried food as well! This is not normally seen in a mookata buffet!

The service was superb-we were unsure of how to peel the crayfish, lobster and crab and the staff helped us to remove all their shells willingly!

One way we cooked the dish was to grill the meet first.

When the seasoning and juices of the meat flow into the soup, the soup becomes more savoury and we added vegetables to increase the sweetness.

Next, we boiled the seafood and seasoned the grilled ones with garlic.

There are also a variety of processed food to choose from.

The finishing touch would be cooking the delicious Tom Yum Thai Instant Noodles in the well seasoned soup.

There is a large seating area for this restaurant but it usually gets pretty crowded on weekends so be sure to be there early! This place is highly recommended due to the variety of seafood, meat and vegetables selection available for an affordable price! It costs $29.90+ for adults and $15.90+ for children on weekdays while it costs $32.90+ for adults and $15.90+ for children on weekends. 


Address: Y Cube Mookata Buffet, 5001 Beach Road #02-45/48 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588.
Contact no: 9159-9152

Opening Hours:
3pm – 6am Mondays to Thursdays
12pm – 6am Fridays – Sundays, Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays