Hungry Heroes is Here to Save You from Your Grumbling Tummies!

Situated near Farrer Park MRT, this place is a two-storey shophouse which attempts to pull off their best take on a Superhero-themed restaurant in Singapore.


By shani

This superhero restaurant is nothing short of marvelous. I know, you’re probably thinking, not another overrated themed-restaurant that sells mediocre food at sky-high prices. Believe me, that’s what I thought before I came here. It’s only when I visited this restaurant I realized how wrong I was.

The moment you step in, you’ll be greeted by all your favourite Marvel and DC Comics superhero figures, all enclosed exquisitely in glass cases on the wall. Posters of superhero movie posters are also hung up on the wall, bringing you to the geeky yet hip world of Superhero comic fanatics. The second level will be sure to amaze you even more, with pop-arts of Superheroes and vintage posters all over the walls, it’s no doubt that this restaurant has more than it has to offer with its flawless decor — its food and drinks.

Let’s start off with the drinks.

Vial of Invincibility

(Half Dozen)- $24, (dozen) – $38  Note: contains alcohol

This unorthodox idea of using test-tubes for drinks contains vodka, elderflower, passionfruit. The vodka taste is not that strong, in fact, it tastes sweet and fruity. Great for a drink with your pals!

Green Goblin

(400ml) – $13

This place really has its quirky way of presenting its drinks so do not be surprised when you see a transparent skull on your table when you order this drink. This sweet and sour drink contains green apple syrup and sprite. Refreshing and definitely Instagram-worthy!

Now on to the food!

Heroes Fries – $10

Craving for cheese fries and think you can’t get it here? Think again! The fries are soaked in a generous amount of nacho cheese and topped with Beef Chilli Con Carne along with mayonnaise sauce. The verdict? It’s mouth-wateringly delicious!

Human Torch Sriracha Spicy Ribs (Full Rack) – $23 (half rack), $39 (Full Rack)

This ribs platter is torched by a spicy sriracha glaze after Meat Fury’s dual-cook technique. Hungry Heroes pride itself with its ribs as making sure that the meat is both juicy and flavourful at the same time. If you are a fan of pork ribs, this tender slab of baby back pork ribs are sure to satisfy your cravings!

Nuclear Fission Angus Beef Cheeks – $28

This dish actually tastes homely despite its odd-sounding name. The beef is braised in veal jus with a high pressure cooker giving it an impeccable taste where the tender meat just melts in your mouth. The beef sits atop an abandance of mashed potato drizzled with gravy which goes so well with the meat.

Mother of all Chicken Burgers – $32

This is the Mother of All Chicken Burgers indeed. With the burger being so massive that it’s bigger than my face, I wasn’t sure how to eat this but I tried my best to bite everything in the burger in one bite to make sure I get a taste of how it is actually supposed to taste. Boy, did I not regret my decision. This burger consists of 2 fried chicken leg, a fried egg, cheese, coleslaw, caramelized onions, bacon, pickled jalapeno, tomato and cajun mayo. With all of these ingredients in a burger, let me tell you, it’s sensational. It’s like a burst of flavour in your mouth, savoury, a little sour, and all-in-all tasty. This has definitely ended my trip to Hungry Heroes on a high note. If this place is not on your list of restaurants-to-go-before-you-die yet, now’s the time to add it in!

33 Tessensohn Road
Singapore 217656

Opening Hours
Closed on Mondays

Tues–Fri: 4pm-11pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 12pm-11pm
Last Food Order @ 9.45pm

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