Ice Cream that Helps in Weight Loss?!

Get yourself a healthy cup of ice cream today!


By delsar

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Started in August 2016, Dofu is the first and only vegan soft serve in Singapore. Dofu serves premium black soy ice cream and chilled pudding. The beans used are high in quality and Non-GMO soya beans without the hull. The ice cream is also made with less sugar. Having more than 30 toppings to choose from, you can customise your own cup to your liking. More than half of the toppings available are vegan friendly and are all alcohol free. This includes the fun and delicious popping juice balls!


Soya beans contains natural healthy fats, alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fatty acid which is great for the heart. There are no added fats in the ice cream, which means one can enjoy the ice cream without the guilt. Black soy beans are used as it has more health benefits than conventional soybeans, but the soft serve was not naturally dark in colour. To attain the dark grey shade, Bamboo Charcoal is used, which is a natural ingredient that improves the metabolism and blood circulation. No artificial colouring or flavouring is added.


The owners of Dofu wanted to create a place that serves something that is healthy but yet appealing to the masses. They started by serving only black soy pudding, but they eventually came up with the soft serve and have been serving both ever since. Dofu’s ice cream can be enjoyed at anytime, be it after meals or after school. This dessert is not only healthy but delicious as well.


Start off by choosing a base: Ice Cream or Ice Cream and Pudding. Next, choose your toppings: Regular ($4.90) – 2 toppings, Fabulous ($5.60) – 5 toppings, Absolute ($6.20) – 7 toppings. It’s that simple! If you are unsure of what toppings to pick, you can also try Dofu ready-made creations.

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We started off by customising our own version of Dofu’s softie. We had 5 toppings, kiwi, strawberry, passionfruit popping juice balls, granola and chocolate sauce. The portion of toppings and ice cream was just right and every mouth of ice cream you take, there’s some other texture in it. We also tried Dofu Creation 4, one of their best sellers with the base of both ice cream and pudding. This creation has salted caramel sauce, vanilla cocoa granola and lychee popping juice balls which was yummy! The pudding tasted like the Tau Huay we know, but less sweet.


Many customers became regulars of Dofu as they love this light and refreshing dessert. They best part it is that it is high in protein and you can even add granola to make it into a healthy meal! With their low sugar content and high quality ingredients, some customers even feedback that they can enjoy a cup everyday without gaining weight.


If you love this dessert and would love to have more, why not get the Dofu Card? This Loyalty Discount card gives you bonuses ever time you top it up. For first top up, just pay $12 and they will give you $5 extra, which means you’ll have $17 in your card just like that. They are practically giving you a free regular softie, which is awesome! The more you top up, the more bonuses you get. So if you’re a fan, get the card today!


Dofu is looking to open another outlet in the West soon, so do keep a look out! In the meantime, head down to Dofu and get yourself a healthy cup of ice cream!

Where: 20A Yishun Central, #01-05 Yishun Temporary Bus Interchange, Singapore 768830
Operating Hours: 11am to 8pm daily
Contact Information: