Jalan Petaling: KL Soul Food in the Heart of Singapore

Looking for authentic KL food without having to cross the border? Jalan Petailing Restaurant at Serangoon Gardens is your answer!


By Marian Govin

For many of us, it’s a weekly affair to cross the border over the weekends to hop around JB and enjoy some cheap and good food. Some travel even deeper in to KL to enjoy what Malaysia has to offer. What if that is not needed anymore and you can get delicious and affordable KL street food right here in Singapore? Inspired by Petaling street in KL, Jalan Petaling Famous Malaysian Food Street serves up authentic Malaysian street food at affordable prices!

KL Seafood Hokkien Mee ($8.80)

Simply sinful, this plate of Hokkien Mee is full of lard, dark gravy and perfumed with the aroma of the Wok Hei. Unlike the usual yellow Hokkien mee that we are used too, this is covered in dark gravy in a color very similar to soy sauce.The pork lard taste is strong but yet not overpowering till you get gelat. Thick chewy noodles are stir fried together with lard and dark gravy to give this dish the right amount of salty, savoury and sedap-ness!

Signature Assam Snapper Fish Head ($25)

There are two very distinct kinds of Fish Head Curry. Either the one with is assam based or the one that is coconut base. The special thing about their version is that it is a smooth mixture of assam and coconut taste, but, no coconut is used! When the lid is lifted off the pot, the steaming aroma of the curry floats into the air and can make anyone crave for it. You will first be hit with the sour and spicy from the assam, and then the smooth and creamier taste comes through for a nice finish. The fish is soft and smooth, completely absent of the fishy – seafoody taste. Drench a plate of rice in the curry and you are set for a delicious meal!

Stir-fried Silver Needle Noodle in Claypot ($6.80)

In simpler terms, this is our humble favourite, Mee Tai Bak. Served sizzling hot in a claypot, the noodles is topped with a raw egg which gives the noodles a smoother texture. Bits of minced meat are also mixed in the dish and though the gravy is very similar to the one in the Hokkien Mee, this one has more of savoury and heavy taste to it. This was one of our top favourites! The chewy noodles and minced pork worked really well together with the sauce and envelopes your mouth in hot and savoury goodness.

Deep Fried Prawn Meat Balls – 6pcs ($5.80)

Basically, Ngoh Hiang, this dish had a nice bite and paired perfectly with the plum sauce that came along with it. A perfect side dish to accompany your mains, the simple and subtle taste of the Ngoh Hiang was the perfect touch that our meal needed. With many heavy and full flavoured dishes on the table, this was a good break in between each dish and we found ourselves constantly reaching out for more. Definitely a must have on the table!

Chilled Mango Puree with Sago and Pamelo served with Coconut ($8.80)

Everyone loves a good bowl of chilled mango sago, so imagine that but an elevated version! That’s right, end of your scrumptious meal at Jalan Petaling with this amazing dessert! Chilled sweet mango with pomela and sago bits served inside a coconut with the actual coconut flesh and topped with mango ice cream! The mild sweetness from the coconut helps to balance out the thick and sweet mango to leave you with a refreshing taste in your mouth. After such a heavy meal, this one serving is enough to share between two or even three people!

Jalan Petaling has plenty more to offer. For the seafood lovers, make sure you try their Stew Bay Lobster with Vermicelli ($13.80) for a plate full of fresh seafood and brothy noodle goodness. Or even try their interesting take on the classic Hor Fun! Stir-fried Crispy Rice Noodles with Clam ($8.80) comes with both the boiled and deep fried hor fun noodles! That’s right, deep fried! Really an added dimension in both the texture and flavour department! And make sure you do not miss out their Homemade Yong Tau Foo ($1/pc, min 5pcs)! With so much to offer, treat yourself to a generous and hearty KL meal and you will leave with a very happy tummy!

1 Maju Ave #02-01 | myVillage
Singapore 556679

Opening Hours: 
Daily: 10:30am – 10:30pm

Website: http://jalanpetaling.business.site/

Tel No.: 6509 9872

Neartest MRT: Serangoon