Jinjja Chicken: This Hip Korean Restaurant is Jinjja Daebak!

Love Korean street food? Why not try Jinjja Chicken where they sell Korean chicken wings, kimbaps and even bingsu!


By shani

I’m sure you must’ve heard about this restaurant that has been getting all the buzz. This hip and chic Korean restaurant is also halal-certified! It currently has two outlets, one in the West (Clementi Mall) and one in the Central (Bugis). A little birdie told us that a branch in the East is also in the works as well.

This Korean restaurant is rather different in a sense that it targets the younger crowd with its stylish design and student discounts, especially K-pop fans. It even has a TV that plays K-pop music videos on loop. As for the food, the cooking methods are all inspired and sourced from Korean street food. With all of these combined, the restaurant more fun and vibrant ambience than the usual “authentic Korean restaurants”.

We first tried their Signature Jinjja Wings (6 pcs – $7.90, 12 pcs – $12.90, 18 pcs, $19.90). There are three different flavours to choose from (in ascending spice level order): Soy Garlic, Yangmyeon or Monster. You can also choose a mix of all three if you want to as well! We tried the soy garlic flavour and the let me you, it was so addictive! The skin was crispy and crunchy, and the chicken wings were coated with this sweet and salty glaze which was so tantalising. A must-try here!

We moved on to the Signature Jinjja Drumsticks (3pcs – $8.90, 6pcs – $16.90, 9pcs – $24.90). Similarly, you can choose among the three different flavours or a mix of it. We topped up $2 to get a meal which includes a fries set and a drink. We ordered the seaweed fries which was delish because it had just the right amount of saltiness and seaweed on the fries. For the drumsticks, we opted for the slightly spicy Yangmyeon flavour. If you are up for little kick in your drumsticks, do order this because it actually makes the drumsticks tastier than it already is! The meat was so tender and juicy, coated with the same glaze as the finger-licking chicken wings. 

We also ordered the drinks, which were Koreans favourite drinks! We had the Yuzu Drink (S – $2.50, M – $3.30) on the right and Sikyhe Rice Drink (S – $2.50, M – $3.30) which is on the left. The Yuzu drink is a little sweet and fruity whereas the Rice drink tastes similar to Barley water!

Popular in Korean culture, Jinjja serves the Jjamjja Myeon 2-in-1 Original ($10.90) in a heart-shaped bowl that separates Jjampong and Jjajang Myeon. In Korea, it is always a debatable topic whether the Jjampong is better or the Jjajang Myeon and so they have come up with this idea so that customers can try both and judge for themselves! The jjampong has this spicy seafood flavour, whereas the jjajang myeon is milder but flavourful at the same time. Order this and you shall be the judge on which is better!

Of course, we had the Beef Bulgogi Kimbap ($8.90) which is like the Korean version of a sushi. This one surprised us because we didn’t expect it to taste (S)E(O)UL good. Just imagine, your favourite beef bulgogi all wrapped up in a seaweed roll. I dare say it is comparable to Japanese sushi, because of the burst of flavour it has in just one roll of kimbap!

Lastly, we had the Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu ($6.90) for our dessert. We opted for this instead of the conventional bingsu choices, and we were not disappointed. This strawberry cheesecake bingsu was refreshingly delectable. That cheesecake on top gave that cute touch to the bingsu, and the crunch at the bottom balances the sweetness of the ice-cream and bingsu. A nice end to our meal here indeed.

Address: (Clementi Outlet)
3155 Commonwealth Ave W
The Clementi Mall
Singapore 129588
Opening Hours:
11am-9pm (Daily)

Address: (Bugis Outlet)
249 Victoria Street
Singapore 188034
(Bugis Village, opposite Bugis Junction)
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 11am-10pm
Fri – Sat: 11am-11:30pm


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