Jio Your Friends to Bojio Café

Want to have really delicious desserts that looks great for the ‘gram as well? Well some of you might remember Meet and Melt, which has branches at Tampines and Scape. It is one of the few cafes that can offer just that, but poor Westies have to travel all the way to the East or Central region just to get a taste of the desserts.


By shani

Fear not Westies because Bojio Café is Meet and Melt’s sister branch and has just opened at Westgate! It has exactly the same menu as Meet and Melt! Some background story, Meet and Melt is a family owned business, and the boss and his friend have decided to open a branch in the West and change the name to target the teens as “bojio” is a commonly used Hokkien term amongst teens when one is not invited somewhere! Also, fun fact, almost everything found on the menu is handmade, from the lava toasts to the fillings/sauces. They have a wide variety of ice-cream flavours, flavoured waffles, toasts and wacky milkshakes.

First off, we tried their famous lava toasts. There are two types of toasts to choose from: Original ($15.90) as well as Charcoal ($16.90).  We got the Original toast with Mentaiko fillings (additional $2). The process of torching the Mentaiko mayonnaise by the waiter was satisfying enough to watch, and of course the taste did not disappoint! This unique take on lava toasts and desserts in general makes Bojio Café stand out from its competitors!

Having the waiter shave the big raclette cheese in front of you, and seeing it melt atop the toast is pleasing to the eyes. The raclette cheese oozed down the warm toast, making sure that the toast is encapsulated with the cheesy goodness. This buttery Raclette Cheese Toast ($18.90) as good as it looks and is our favourite from the menu!

There is also the Waffles Over-the-Top ($14.90), which looks, as the name describes, over-the-top. The waffles came in different flavours: red velvet, charcoal and chocolate which matched perfectly well with the sweet cookie monster ice-cream. This one would definitely make you feel like a kid again and not to mention, it’s instagram-worthy!

So if you’re looking for a place to chill and eat delicious and Instagram-worthy desserts, then don’t miss Bojio Café at Westgate! Don’t say we bojio!

#02-28, 608532
3 Gateway Dr
Opening Hours:
11:30am to 9:30pm (Mon-Sun)