K-Ju: A Korean Skewer Dining Experience which is different from the rest

A korean dining experience filled with Skewers and light up drinks.


By Marian Govin

Opening hours: 
5:30PM – 10:30PM

Neartest Mrt station: Bugis 

Tel. No. : 6266 6001

Website: https://k-ju.com.sg/

If you are in the “I-love-korea” phase of your life, and dream about going to Korea everyday to enjoy their food and culture, well we here at Kopifolks have something that you are bound to enjoy.

Do you recall that 9 tier seafood tower? The one that with a tower taller than you while seated and has loads of fresh seafood like crabs, crayfish and prawns. Yes, that’s right, Captain K!

Well, they are back with a fresh new concept. Their newly revamped first floor is now called K-JU, a gastropub to bring Seoul’s night dining culture to Singapore. If you are dreaming about going to Hongdae to sit in a pub as you drink Soju and eat Korean food, you can now get that in Singapore!

K-JU offers a wide variety of delectable skewered meats, seafood and cooked dishes, all of which pair perfectly with Korean Soju of your choice.

Mini Army Stew ($15)

This is perfect if you are craving something warm and hearty to fill up your hungry tummy. The mini army stew comes served atop a portable mini electric stove, for you to enjoy as the kimchi soup bubbles away. Filled to brim with ingredients like luncheon meat, tofu, sausages, rice cakes, mushrooms and an array of vegetables, this dish will warm up your belly for what’s to come.

Kimchi fried rice with cheese ($15)

An elevated version of your typical kimchi fried rice, the cheese adds an extra saltiness and texture to the dish. There isn’t too much cheese which will overpower the dish, but just enough to enhance its overall taste, but yet still allows for the kimchi to be the star. The rice isn’t mushy nor hard which gives the dish just the right amount of bite.

K-Skewer ($4.00 – $4.50)

The main star of K-JU is their wide array of skewers. Ranging from chicken to beef to seafood, the various fillings and marinades of each skewer brings a different flavour profile and texture to your mouth.

Let’s kick it off with the chef recommendation and also one of our favourites, the Korean Chicken Dakkochi. The chicken is marinated with an array of Korean spices and is not overly spicy but still packs a punch in its flavour. The meat itself is tender and is layered between slices of onions and bell peppers which gives the skewer a variety of textures.

Next up with the Kurobuta Pork and Wagyu Beef skewers which are wrapped around various fillings such as Enoki Mushrooms, Oyster Mushrooms, Cheese Rice Cake and Asparagus. The pork and beef are lightly marinated which allows for the meat itself to shine and the various fillings all compliment the meat in terms of both texture and taste.

Finally we have the various seafood skewers. Our favourite was the Tiger King Prawn skewer as the prawn was fresh and cooked to perfection. The flesh peeled away from the shell easily and was sweet and juicy. The prawn was huge as well which definitely makes it worth your money!

Mini Kimchi and Bacon Pancake ($9.80)

Kimchi pancakes are a must have at any Korean place and is the ultimate test of whether the food served is authentically Korean or not. The mini kimchi pancakes at K-Ju have a slight saltiness due to the bacon which allow the other flavours of the pancake shine even more. The pancake isn’t too chewy or tough, and is loaded with spring onions and kimchi, which makes this place that much more Korean.

Ju-Pack ($14.80)

No Korean place is complete without some Soju or beer. Here at K-JU, treat yourself to a JU-Pack, a light up drink pack with soju and various flavours. Each pack is served with a light up cube which illuminates the drink, and looks super pretty once night falls. The drinks of course does not disappoint. There are 4 different Ju-Pack flavours namely, Mint-tennial – soju mixed with red tea and mint Ieaves, Belli Berry – Strawberry, kiwi, Korean Yuzu and Soju, Orleang Ju – Orange and Kiwi Soju, and Lycheevious – soju and lychee. The soju in each pack is balanced out with the sweetness from the fruit flavourings, but yet the drink is flavourful and refreshing.

More interested in the hard hitting stuff? Gather your friends and play drinking games like Soju-bombs, sure to make your evening a lively and fun one! Stack a set of 6 soju shots on top of beer glasses and watch them fall domino-style as a Soju-train.

K-JU is also having a promotion on their Hite Beer! For a limited time only, get twofree bottles with every purchase of 1 bottle during their happy hour from 530pm -8pm!  With a promo like that, it gives you all the more reason to gather the gang for

some fun and play some traditional Korean drinking games as well!

So if you are tired of the typical Korean BBQ or army stew, and are craving something different but still authentically Korean, come on down to K-JU and have a fun and social dining experience the way the Koreans do!

112 middle road, #01-00A Midland House

Opening hours: 
5:30PM – 10:30PM

Neartest Mrt station: Bugis

Tel. No. : 6266 6001

Website: https://k-ju.com.sg/