Kogane Yama: Where Tempura Lovers unite


By Marian Govin

Nestled in a corner shop in Bugis Junction is Kogane Yama. A Japanese restaurant selling mix tempura bowls. Or more accurately, tendon bowls. (Tendon comes from the word tempura and donburi) At Kogane yama, diners would be able to customise their own tendon bowls and choose between a base of rice, soba or udon. And on top of that, diners can choose between their soy tentsuya sauce of varying degrees of spiciness.

Mixed bowl with rice ($15.80)
If you can’t decide between what to choose, the mixed bowl is then your go to option. The bowl consists of every tempura option in the menu and is one of their best sellers. The tempura was crispy and not soaked in oil. The various meats and vegetables were fresh and didn’t stick to the tempura batter nor were they soggy.

Their rice was my personal favourite option of bases as the rice was nice and chewy. The texture contrasted nicely with the tempura and is a great pairing.

Chicken bowl with soba ($13.90)
Unlike the cold soba that many of us are used to, their soba is served in a soup that compliments the tempura well.

Prawn bowl with udon ($13.90)
The udon wasn’t thick and chewy but rather is was slim and delicate in texture. A rather interesting take on udon and definitely a favourite.

Matcha Latte (4.80 – $6.80)
Aside from tendon bowls, Kogane also has a wide variety of drinks. While there, we were served their three variations of match latte. The original, chocolate and azuki bean.

The matcha flavour was present, however the drink was not overly bitter. Rather, it leaned towards the sweet side especially with the toasted marshmallow on the top.

Bugis Junction #02-50, 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021

Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 11am – 10pm Last orders 9.30pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm Last orders 10.30pm

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