Kow Loon Bay HK Cafe: Great Hong Kong Food at Bukit Panjang

Westies! Are you craving for popular Hong Kong dishes? Look no further because Kow Loon Bay HK Cafe is here at Bukit Panjang!


By shani

This has got to be one of the most underrated places in Singapore. Sure, you might think they sell typical Hong Kong dishes, but they sell a variety of food both Chinese and Western, and each dish we were served were scrumptious and unique in its own way. Located in the new Hillion Mall at Bukit Panjang, residents in the area would love coming to this place for a nice lunch over the weekend.

Pair your favourite Hong Kong dishes with Hong Kong Special Milk Tea (hot – $3.50, iced – $4.50). I recommend getting the iced one because it is served in a cute ice bucket! Not only is this drink good for the ‘gram, this milk tea is also really refreshing and generous in terms of the amount served!

Their HK Braised Meat Fried Bee Hoon ($12.90) with a little bit of gravy is so tasty, we finished the entire plate until it was spick and span. The noodles were springy and and the braised meat was tender and succulent. This dish is a must-try!

The Triple Mix Roasted ($22.90) is also one of their popular dishes here! It comes with their signature (for a reason) Fei Po Char Siew, Rose Soy Chicken and Hong Kong Crispy Belly which are all succulent and appetising! The fats from the char siew is so juicy it actually melts in your mouth when you eat it! I recommend you bring your grandparents to eat this, especially the char siew as it is like the “salmon of our generation”.

One of my favourites would have to be the Kowloon Bay Creamy Chicken ($11.90) which is their cheese baked rice with chicken and a runny egg on top! They had lots of melted cheese on top of the rice, which is already a good sign that this dish is awesome. The rice they used is sesame rice, which is why this dish tastes like Hainanese Chicken Rice, but even better – with cheese.

If you like spare ribs, I recommend the Smoked BBQ Spare Rib ($18.90) as the charred taste along with the BBQ sauce makes the spare ribs really palatable. Furthermore, the sweet potatoes on the side were crunchy and sweet, which balances out with the savoury meat we had!

Last but not least, we had dessert. They had a few different flavours for their lava cake so we tried their Matcha Lava Cake ($5.90). Just like any other lava cake, it oozes out that custard-like matcha when you cut it open. It was a sweet ending indeed to our experience here at Kow Loon Bay HK Cafe.

17 Petir Road
Hillion Mall
(S) 678278

Opening Hours:
11am-10pm (Daily)

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