Lean Bento – Hearty Wholefood for Everyone

Lean Bento all-inclusive place is not only halal, it’s healthy and delicious too! Catering to not only Muslims, but vegetarians and vegans too, its serving of wholefood and meticulously-made low-calorie meals is heartwarming to know.


By shani

What inspired the founders, Dionis Chiua and Charles Ng, to set up Lean Bento is their love for real food. Having been overweight when they were younger, they knew for a fact that their diets were the issue but they also find that customers are often overcharged when they eat outside, especially when most of the food prepared outside are processed and terribly unhealthy.

That is why they decided to redefine what healthy food really means:

1) Whole-food: Healthy food means that everything must be made from scratch. That is why in Lean Bento, everything from the sauces to the bread are homemade.

2) Being able to design macronutrients that is good for the average men and women, young and old.

3) Ensuring that the cooking method in Lean Bento is favourable, so that all the nutrients remain intact.

Having studied food science technology, there is no doubt that they know what they are talking about. Every meal at Lean Bento hovers between 500 to higher 700 calories, so it depends on your preference or dietary intake. You can look at the menu above that shows you how much calorie each food item contains, which can help you make an informed decision for your meal here!

Vegetarian Sunshine Flatbread Pizza

(Ala carte: $10.95; Set with Green Tea or Brewed Coffee: $11.95)

Most would associate vegetarian food as plain boring vegetables with not much flavour. That is however, not the case for this dish. This dish is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, including non-vegetarians, and it does not have the veggie taste that everyone is expecting. It’s actually scrumptious and fragrant, a perfect fit for people who wants to eat pizza without gaining those extra calories!

Chicken Breast Sausage & Waffle Toast

(Ala carte: $9.95; Set with Green Tea or Brewed Coffee: $10.95)

This dish was unexpectedly delish. At first sight, you might think, this is just an unorthodox way of making the ordinary American breakfast. But don’t be fooled, because this dish is anything but ordinary. Everything from the the truffle tater tots, to the chicken breast sausage that goes so well with the crispy waffles topped with some good ol’ scrambled eggs is like a marriage in your mouth. This savoury dish is one not to be missed!

Honey Chicken Bento ($11.95)

There’s a wide selection of bentos to choose from! Whether you want chicken bentos or salmon bentos, you’re sure to find something to your liking! You can try the suggested combinations of meat and vegetables which are listed under Healthy Hero Bento, Super Hero Bento and Mega Hero Bento.

This particular Honey Chicken Bento includes:

  • Honey Chicken
  • Multigrain Sushi Rice
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Truffle Edamame
  • Mesclun Salad

This bowl of crazy good stuff, tastes just as good when you mix them up all together. It’s definitely a tantalising and guilt-free experience!

Customise your Lean Bento from $11.95

Yes, you can design your very own bowl with food or ingredients that you like without having to worry about the calories! The one we have here is Honey Miso Salmon (additional $2), with Garden Romaine Leaves, with cherry tomatoes, corn, sesame lava egg (additional $1) and fresh greens!

Wild Blueberry Protein Muffin + Hokkaido Protein Gelato ($6.95) and Matcha Tea Osaka Protein Waffle ($3.95)

The Hokkaido Protein gelato is served with roasted sesame topping and goes so well with the crispy waffles. This blueberry muffin has got to be my favourite! It’s soft, crispy at the sides and fragrant making the whole muffin-eating experience impeccable.

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