Lepark: The Perfect Hipster Place to Makan and Lepak with Your Friends

Looking for a hipster food place that has the aesthetics, good food and great vibes? Then head to Lepark to lepak and you won't regret it!


By shani

You know the rooftop of People’s Park Complex where people like to take their hipster photos and their OOTDs? Yup, that’s where Lepark is located. Serving great tapas food with the interior looking like a hip place to chill, it’s the perfect place for you to get some Instagrammable shots and fill your stomachs as well!

The Ambience

I mean just look at the entrance of this place – street art and neon lights. Aesthetics? Check. It’s no surprise that this place is used for various purposes including movie screenings and flea markets!

There’s even a fooseball inside this place. And magazines. And whole lot of place to relax. Perfect for bonding and giving yourself a break. Now, on to the food. The interesting fact about this tapas place is that they make sure its fusion food has that local twist to it, making us feel proud of our favourite local food. I find it really interesting how they try to incorporate Western and Asian ingredients together, and love it even more when it works! And most of the dishes here nailed it.

The Food

This innovative Poached Chicken Rice Sushi (5 for $8) is one of the popular dishes here, and one of my favourite dishes here as well. It’s basically chicken rice wrapped into a ball of sushi. Inside it is poached chicken thighs, herbs and garlic which gives you the familiar chicken rice flavour that everyone knows and love. Fun fact: Everything is made from scratch including the chilli! This dish was here from the very beginning, and there’s no doubt why. It tastes exactly like how chicken rice is supposed to taste like, just that it is in bite-sized form! For some weird reason, it is actually really addictive. I was craving for more after finishing this dish.

They also have a new menu! The Root Beer Pulled Pork Kueh Pie Tee (5 for $10) is on it and its delish! Stuffed inside the crispy thin pie thin is pork stewed with root beer, and inside it is cucumber dice topped with Asian coleslaw which includes marinated carrots! This dish is perfect if you have it with some alcohol and if you’re looking for something light to eat.

Another one on the new menu is the Sriracha Nacho Cheese Pulled Pork Burger ($19). The sriracha nacho cheese is drizzled on top of the root beer pulled pork because who doesn’t love cheese? They also included deep fried onions inside to give the burger that Asian touch. The root beer taste from the pork is very subtle and I’m sure they are one of the very few places which stews the pulled pork with root beer!

Named after the chef who created this is the Uncle Han “Bak Kut Teh” Pork Rib Pasta ($18). It’s actually one of the more flavourful dishes in the menu! The linguine is paired with sweet soy sauce that is cooked with dried cuttlefish which makes it more fragrant! There’s also spicy sweet pork ribs which is also stewed with bak kut teh, which I feel makes it taste even more palatable, giving you a sense of nostalgia at the same time. I would actually come here again just to order this dish!

We also tried one of their sliders, Buttermilk Chicken “Pizza” ($14), which looks and tastes scrumptious! They used fried buttermilk chicken with tomato with a bit of sambal as the dressing that sits atop a piece of “bao”(bread). They put melted mozzarella and parmesan cheese on top of the buttermilk chicken to balance out the savoury and spicy flavours.

Looking for a side? If you’re feeling nostalgic, and miss having Milo and Horlicks, you get to satiate your cravings when you order their Milo-dusted Churros with Horlicks Caramel ($8). It gets a bit chocolatey but if you’re having a sweet tooth, this is definitely worth a try!

1 Park Rd
People’s Park Complex

Opening Hours: 
Closed on Mondays
Tue-Thu: 4pm-11pm
Fridays: 4pm-12am
Saturdays: 12pm-12am
Sundays: 12pm-11pm

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