Lobster Time: Seafood Noodle Bowls for less than $30 in Bishan?!

Seafood Noodle bowls in Bishan that costs less than $30?! You can find this in a coffeeshop in Bishan which pairs lobsters with noodles as well!


By weijing

Want to look for some affordable and good seafood noodle bowls in Bishan? Located at a coffeeshop in Bishan is a stall that gives seafood restaurants a run for its money! The owners have learnt how to cook prawn noodles in Penang, and have decided to switch it up notch by making seafood noodle bowls with prawn-based broth. These delicious bowls of noodles is unorthodox in a coffeeshop, especially when there’s lobster. Other than that, there is also a range of noodles to choose from, from kway teow to yellow noodles, to pair with your preferred seafood meat!

We first tried their Crayfish Noodles with Clams (Soup/Dry: $16.50). We paired it with yellow noodles which actually matches really well with the prawn-based broth. The crayfish was fried and crispy which tastes really scrumptious! I like how well the piquant broth blends with the succulent crayfish.

We ordered a bowl of Lobster Noodle with Clams (Soup/Dry: $26.50) with White Bee Hoon noodles. Needless to say, the lobsters were huge. It was bigger than the size of my face! The lobsters are actually imported from our neighbouring country, Malaysia, to guarantee customers fresh lobsters! You actually don’t have to worry about digging out all the goodies from the shell because it’s actually a breeze for us when we tried it. Matched perfectly with the lobsters is the broth. The flavour of the prawn soup is actually less strong and jelat unlike most prawn noodles, so it was actually a feast for our taste buds.

Lastly, if you want to go for something more familiar, you can try the Big Prawn Noodles with Clams (Soup/Dry: $8.50). We paired the prawns and clams with Penang-styled prawn mee. Though it may seem ordinary, the presentation and taste of it was really refreshing!

Block 120
120 Bishan Street 12
(S) 570120

Opening Hours: 

Mon-Sun: 10am-9pm

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