Lotus Kitchen: The Vegetarian Restaurant that will leave you Wanting More

A new concept from Lotus Vegetarian at Quality Hotel, Lotus Kitchen serves up a new extended menu to satisfy your belly


By Marian Govin

A new concept from Lotus Vegetarian at Quality Hotel, Lotus Kitchen is a new contemporary dining concept which serves vegetarian cuisine. Only a month into operations, the restaurant has come up with a range of new products for you to try. You might consider vegetarian food to be a cut below the rest, or you are someone who can’t go without meat in every meal. But trust me when I say that you will definitely forget that you are not eating meat while at Lotus Kitchen.
Signature Cripsy Summer Wrap with Passionfruit ($35.80) 
The vegetarian version of the classic Peking duck, this has to be one of the top favourites. The soya slices is thick and firm which mimics duck well, and the passionfruit sauce provides a nice tang to the dish.
Taro Mee Sua Cake ($6.80) 
I am personally not a fan of taro, but this dish really surprised me because I actually really liked it. The taro flavour was not very overpowering and the Mee Sua gave a nice unique texture to the dish.
Spicy Grilled Oat Slices in Hotplate ($18.80) 
On first look, this dish resembles sambal stingray and even sounds like it because of the hotplate. The sambal served on top of the oat slices act as a pretty good knock off sambal with the right amount of kick to it. The oat slices are soft and not too grainy which makes this dish a great substitute to curb those sambal stingray cravings.
Braised Mushroom in Hot Pot ($18.80)
The taste of this dish is slightly reminiscent of Mala, just not as spicy. The various mushrooms in the dish have different textures which tricks your mind into thinking that you are eating meat, even though you aren’t . This was definitely a crowd favourite.
Signature stir fried laksa ($9.80)
Laksa is one of our national dishes but trust me when I say that this stir fried version is as good as the original. The coconut flavour is very present but the chilli and spice does give it a kick a well. They also include prawns made out of konnyaku jelly which gives the laksa an added dimension. Definitely a good vegetarian substitute to the original version.
Chinatown Point. #01-01/02, 113 New Bridge Road s(059413)
Opening Hours: 
Lunch: 1130am – 3pm
Dinner: 530pm -10pm

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