Matchaya: A Green Tea Lover Heaven

If you're a green tea lover, this is the place to go! From desserts to drink, everything has an element of matcha in it!


By weijing

The first authentic pure Matcha cafe is now in Singapore! With is second outlet in The Cathay, Matchaya offers a great variety of matcha dishes- from drinks to desserts to even a matcha fondue! Its first outlet in Icon Village was more of a pop-up concept where this second outlet is hoping to achieve an aesthetic concept. The owners went through great hurdles to ensure premium taste and food of tip-top quality. They even source tea farms and ingredients personally!

1. Drinks

First up, we tried the Premium Choco Matcha ($5.50) which was a cup of matcha milk tea, topped with premium Choco. It has a dark chocolate aftertaste, blending in with the matcha milk tea.

2. Fondue

Next, we had the Matcha Fondue ($16.90) which contains the shiramata, brownies, wasabi mocha, bruleed toast and hot milk. The toast was absolutely perfect, and matched along with the matcha fondue, the entire snack just melts into your mouth. This is definitely a must-try here because of the authentic side dishes and the not too sweet and milky matcha fondue!

3. Shaved Ice

Lastly, we had the Matcha Kakigori ($18.90) which is Japanese shaved ice. This shaved ice tastes slightly different and we got to know that it was because the ice is specially customised using Japanese filter water at a customised temperature, giving it a sweet and refreshing aftertaste! It also comes along with Hokkaido cream espuma which was very light and soft, shiratama, Azuki and brownies.

All in all, we were highly impressed by the quality and authenticity of this small little cafe! The owners have put in great effort into every detail of their dish and it almost reminds of the taste in Japan! This is definitely a place to check out and is worth the hype!


Address:  #01-08 The, 2 Handy Rd, Former Cathay Building, 229233

Opening Hours: Daily 1-10pm

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