Missed Artbox? Visit Noodle Cafe To Satisfy Your Thai Cravings!

One of the must-try Thai boat noodles cafe


By weijing

Entering Golden Mile would make you feel as if you’re stepping into Little Thailand and many first timers would be shocked by the rich and strong culture here. Noodle cafe is one of the must-try cafes in this complex and it serves authentic delicious Thai food. It might be slightly difficult to find this place and don’t be deceived by the look of this small humble cafe!

Its signature dish is the $1.90 Thai Boat Noodle. There are 5 steps to customising your own noodles. Firstly, you get to choose the type of noodle, followed by the topping and then the soup. We chose to eat the glass noodles, along with fresh pork and the special soup. It came in a small bowl and it was simply not enough! It was too addictive!

The next must-try would be the Tom Yum Egg Noodles ($6). It was an interesting dish because we got to mix the egg with the tomyum noodles and its signature sauce, making it thick and flavourful. However, it was a tad bit too spicy for us.

The next dish we tried was the Duck Noodle ($6). The meat was succulent and fresh and its soup is rich with spices. Though it is not as highly raved as the boat noodle, we felt that it was equally delicious and would definitely order a second bowl if our stomach allow!

The Fried Pork Lard ($3) is an essential side-dish to go with the noodles. It gives the main dish a flavourful yet crunchy texture.

We also tried its Thai Char Siew Rice ($6). It is not very different from the Chinese one, except that its sauce is slightly sweeter.

The Thai Cendol ($5) is filled with coconut milk, crushed ice and jelly chendol. However it lacks toppings, such as mung beans, pearls, jelly, like the local one. Its rich and authentic Thai coconut milk made up for it though.

Lastly, what is a Thai meal without Thai Milk Tea ($1.80)? We were awed by its beautiful gradient and its taste did not pale in comparison to its appearance too! Though its slightly too sweet, the tea is rich and thick and we absolutely love it!

All in all, this cafe is really worth visiting because of its authentic and delicious Thai dishes. The prices are affordable as well. We are greatly impressed by its food quality and guess what! Noodle Cafe would be setting up a booth at this year’s Thai Festival so be sure to check them out!

Address: 5001 Beach Road Golden Mile Complex #B1-08 Singapore 199588
Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm