Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi: First Ice Hotpot in Singapore


By Sarah Wee

Opening Hours:
11AM – 3PM, 5:30PM – 10PM


Tel No.: 6443 8827

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar

With the rise of many Japanese restaurants popping up in Singapore, standing out among the competitors seems to be a difficult thing. This is where Nadai Fujisoba Ni-Hachi, Japan’s No.1 soba restaurant takes the reigns with their newest innovation – the Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot. This unique creation can be enjoyed as a dish on its own, or as a menu item among 5 other courses in Fujisoba’s 6-Course Party Hot Pot Set.


1st Course: Appetizer

The first item on this 6-course meal is the starter, which consists of traditional cold Japanese bites neatly laid out on a ceramic dish. Everything tasted great, but what really stood out to me were the salmon and soba sashimi and duck chashu! The salmon was fresh and the cut was just right – not too thick, not too thin. Although the soba sashimi looked strange at first glance, it is just a thicker and flatter form of soba. It was refreshing on it’s own, and goes well with the soy sauce provided. And finally – the duck chashu. Served in small pieces, the duck was tender and sweet and I couldn’t stop eating it!

Ni-Hachi SOBA Salad

2nd Course: Ni-Hachi SOBA Salad

Nadai Fujisoba’s take on this salad is an interesting one. The sweet yuzu dressing complemented the fresh lettuce, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, and also their speciality fried soba! Sprinkled over the salad, the fried soba was crunchy and the contrast in textures really made this dish stand out.

Dashimakitamago, Yakitori Salt & Teriyaki, Jako to Shishito Itame

3rd Course: Dashimakitamago, Yakitori Salt & Teriyaki, Jako to Shishito Itame

The third course is comprised of three different dishes: Dashimakitamago, Yakitori Salt & Teriyaki and Jako to Shishito Itame.


The Dashimakitamago was divided in four pieces, with a pitcher of special crab sauce on the side. Pour this special sauce over the soft, fluffy eggs and experience a perfect combination of flavours in your mouth!

Yakitori Salt & Teriyaki

Another dish served is the Yakitori Salt & Teriyaki, which is basically grilled and teriyaki chicken. Warm and tender, the two different styles of chicken were delicious in their own ways. The grilled chicken was nicely grilled and went well with their special salt and the teriyaki chicken was a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

Jako to Shishito Itame

Then we have the Jako to Shishito Itame. Basically, these are anchovies with green peppers. Surprisingly, the green peppers weren’t spicy and tasted like capsicum. The anchovies were crispy and nicely seasoned and would have been great with a bowl of white rice.

Buckwheat Tempura

4th Course: Buckwheat Tempura

Personally, this was another really unique dish! I’ve eaten many types of tempura before, but buckwheat tempura was a first. Shaped into cubes, the exterior of the tempura was crispy, but it was surprisingly soft when bitten into. The buckwheat mash was a little reminiscent of yam paste, which is perfect for all you yam lovers out there!

Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot

5th Course: Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot

Finally, the star of the show – the Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot! Served with an assortment of seafood such as Greenland Snow Crab, Argentinian Red Shrimps, Norwegian Salmon and New Zealand Mussels, this pot of bubbling goodness is sure to keep you well-fed.

Seafood in Hotpot

When this dish was first served to the table, I was confused upon seeing a mountain of ice atop a huge pot. It turns out that the ice is actually the broth, which is boiled for hours then frozen. The mountain of ice is then melted down into a fragrant broth. Though this dish is the fifth course, it is served first in order for the ice to melt. Made from chicken and seafood, I expected the broth to be more on the savoury side, but was surprised when it was actually sweet. It’s also full of collagen, which is good for your skin!

Handmade Soba inside the broth

The seafood hidden under the bed of ice is also boiled in the broth, soaking up its flavours. Once you’re done with the seafood, handmade soba noodles will be served and you can add that in to enjoy with the remaining broth.

Matcha Warabi Mochi with Caramel Sauce

6th Course: Matcha Warabi Mochi with Caramel sauce

What’s better than ending off a meal with a delicious dessert? The final course was matcha ice cream with warabi mochi, and I’d dare say this is one of my favourite matcha desserts so far. The chewy mochi went hand-in-hand with the creamy ice cream, and along with the caramel sauce, I ended my meal on a bittersweet note, quite literally.


Hailed as Japan’s No.1 Soba Restaurant, Nadai Fujisoba sure lives up to that title. There’s everything for everyone, with their various varieties of soba and seafood. The ambience is cozy as well, so head down with your friends and family to enjoy a comforting Japanese meal today!

The Mount Fuji Icy Hotpot is available for dinners on weekdays and all-day on weekends amor an affordable $28++ per person, for the minimum of two pax. And, to celebrate the launch of this hotpot, Nadai Fujisoba is holding a special launch promotion! From 1 November 2017 to 30th November, enjoy 1 Snow Crab Leg per person just by simply making a reservation! The 6-Course Party Hot Pot Set is launching on 1 December 2017 at $65++ per person, but due to this festive season, you can get it at a special price of $49.80++ each!


100 Tras Street, #03-14
100AM Singapore 079027

Opening Hours:
11AM – 3PM, 5:30PM – 10PM


Tel No.: 6443 8827

Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar