The New Breakfast Trend on Instagram: Unicorn Toast

The most beautiful toast ever!


By delsar

unicorn-toast-pear unicorn-toast-pea unicorn-toast-pink

We have seen unicorn ice cream, unicorn tears, unicorn cake and even a whole unicorn cafe in Bangkok. Now, this new breakfast trend started up by Adeline Waugh, 26, has taken Instagram by storm ever since she started uploading photos of her creations. These beautiful and super instagram-worthy dishes were created by using food to dye the ingredients and nicely plated onto toast. This Miami-based food stylist and photographer currently has over 28,000 followers on their Instagram account.

unicorn-toast-paint unicorn-toast-rainbow-gradient unicorn-toast-rainbow

Adeline Waugh uses beetroot juice, turmeric roots and fruit powder to colour the cream cheese which is then spread onto the toast. These acts as “paint” to decorate the toast. She also added flower petals, fruits vegetables, seeds, etc, to make the toast look even more appealing than it already is. This multi-coloured dish is unlike any of the previous rainbow coloured dishes you have seen before. Unicorn toast is something that is actually on the next level of food porn.

unicorn-toast-beet unicorn-toast-figs unicorn-toast-avocado

The toast acts as a canvas to Ms Waugh and she is able to create many different variations of her “art work”. Say bye bye to boring breakfast toast and learn how to make your very own unicorn toast here! She also has many recipes that teaches you how to make delicious yet wholesome meals.

unicorn-toast-various unicorn-toast-nuts

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Image sources:Vibrant and Pure Wellness