New Years Meal: Places to go for that Perfect Start of the Year Meal

Not sure where to head to on New Years day to satisfy your tummy? Here are 3 places for you to kick start 2018 on a gourmet-licious note!


By Marian Govin

After the dust has settled from the fireworks and the parties have died down, New Year’s day comes about with it’s own set of problems. What should we eat? Is everything closed? I would like to have a special meal but where do I go? Well, we have found 3 special places for you to splurge a little and kickstart your 2018 with a scrumptious meal! With 4 course meals from $45.90, let your tummy start 2018 right!

Credits: Platypus Kitchen Facebook Page

Platypus Kitchen

Set out to deliver gourmet meals at affordable prices, this asian influenced restaurant is the perfect one for families! With a holiday menu in place through 1st Jan, you can kick start the year with a gourmet meal without breaking the bank. Choose from their wide range of menu items which is bound to please everyone. With their asian inspired flavours, take your pick from their assortment of cast-iron grilled meats and gourmet rice and risotto bowls. With a four course festive menu starting at $45.90++, start the year on the right foot!

Credits: Overeasy


Head back to the Marina Skyline which hosted the spectacular fireworks from the night before, and sit back and soak in the sun and good vibes from Overeasy. Dubbed as the best burgers in town, dig in to some juicy beef patties or a good ol’ plate of english breakfast. Decked out to fit an American diner, don’t need to fly across the globe to experience an American new years!

Credits: The Marmalade Pantry Facebook Page

The Marmalade Pantry

A homegrown bistro, The Marmalade Pantry uses the freshest quality ingredients so you know you are starting 2018 on a healthy note! With a wide menu selection from their festive range to regular dinner and ala carte sets, The Marmalade Pantry is sure to stun everyone be it young or old. Having been around for so many years, rest assured that they know how to handle their food to please that hungry belly of yours!

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