The Next Level of Chee Cheong Fun?

Up your chee cheong fun game with these newer, fancier versions of this traditional dish.


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Up your Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Rolls) game with these newer, fancier versions of this traditional dish.


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Find these rolls wrapping up generous portion of flying fish roe or smoked salmon at a hawker stall in Holland Drive Market and Food Centre. This classic Chinese snack is given a modern twist that is causing Singaporean foodies to flock over and try it.


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“We wanted to experiment and create new flavours for our customers to try” said the 65-year-old stall owner, Madam Yeo Geok Lan. The owner of the Da Chang Jin Handmade Chee Cheong Fun also explains that Singaporeans taste have changed as the years past. She also shared that she is looking into launching other interesting and unique chee cheong fun fillings like Unagi (Japanese eel) in the future.


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They recently won an award organised by City Gas and Shin Min Daily News that sees to preserve and promote Singapore’s rich and interesting hawker culture. This annual event is now in its ninth edition.

Madam Yeo also added:

“The award is an encouragement for us, and a recognition of the hard work we have put in.”


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So head down to Da Chang Jin Handmade Chee Cheong Fun today and get your hands on this unique and delicious snack!

Where: 44 Holland Dr, Singapore 270044

Source: The Straits Times