Non Entrée Dessert Cafe

Any dessert you get from here will guarantee you to have a high amount of likes on Instagram!


By delsar


At first glance, Non Entrée will catch your eyes with its yellow door. When you enter, you will realise that this shop gives off a fun and interesting feel. With its simple furnitures and spacious interior, one can enjoying a lovely afternoon tea here.
We ordered two of their signature desserts to try. First is the Instagram famous Chocolate Avalanche. It is a soft and warm Valrhona chocolate lava cake that flows onto chocolate soil, crunchy almond nougatine and orange-infused vanilla ice cream. The smooth chocolate lava was a great compliment to the other ingredients. Second, we tried the super cute Rubber Ducky. It consist of creme fraîche pudding, fresh mango puree, sago pearls and an exotic ducky sorbet sat on top of a lemongrass cloud. Both cute and delicious!

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Via Non Entrée Desserts

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They recently launched a new series of desserts, Back to the Future: 那些年我们吃过的回忆 which includes Singapore local delights in dessert form. It is basically our childhood nostalgic memories being recreated into desserts. From our favourite childhood snacks like Gem Biscuits and Ang Ku Kueh to local delights like Fishball Noodles and Kaya Loti Breakfast Set. Don’t be fooled by the appearance, all the dishes are made with desserts. For example, the soft boiled eggs in the breakfast set is made from coconut panna cotta and the condiments dark soy sauce and white pepper were actually gula melaka and cinnamon powder. The dishes recreated by Non Entrée though looks like the original dish, taste nothing like it. But nonetheless, yummy!
With the vast array of desserts and fascinating designs, this place is definitely for those who love to post on Instagram. Any dessert from here will guarantee you to have a high number of likes!
Where: 204 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218451
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday – 2pm to 10pm, Friday – 2pm to 11pm, Saturday – 12pm to 11pm, Sunday – 12pm to 10pm
Contact Information: