Not Just Another Thai Restaurant and Here’s Why!

At first, you may think: “Ugh, not another Thai food recommendation?!” But I can assure you, that you would want to read finish this article and find out where this stall is.


By delsar

At first, you may think: “Ugh, not another Thai food recommendation?!” But I can assure you, that you would want to read finish this article and find out where this stall is.

talad-thai-table talad-thai-display talad-thai-dessert-counter

Talad Thai located at the East of Singapore is a Thai restaurant unlike any other. Firstly, the owner started up this restaurant not for Singaporeans. He wanted to create Thai food for Thai people living in Singapore. So what he brought in are the Thai food not only from Bangkok but also other parts of Thailand. Thailand is a big country, but Singaporeans knowledge of Thai food only lies in Bangkok and that’s only limited to a certain type of food. So what the owner wanted was to bring more variety of food and especially, street food. These are food that a lot of Thai people miss when they are away from home. Even the whole store was designed to look like a traditional Thai street stall.

talad-thai-chips talad-thai-milk-tea

Many dishes they have here cannot be found in most of the Thai restaurants in Singapore. This includes the places at Golden Mile. In terms of flavour, Singaporeans love their Thai food super spicy but not all Thai food are necessarily spicy. There are a lot of flavours and there’s always a good balance. So that’s what the owner wanted to bring in. All dishes served are authentic Thai food and unaltered to suit the Singaporean taste.

talad-thai-int talad-thai-mangoes

Now for their dishes. Talad Thai is very known for their noodles because of their broth. They serve noodles that are very street style. They use very traditional reduction method to brew the broth where it takes over 6 to 10 hours depending on each broth. Because of the intensity, there’s no reason to add MSG. Besides their large range of noodles, they also have a wide variety of Som Tum (Thai Salad). What’s so special about their salad is that people usually have either papaya or mango salad that is plain, but at Talad Thai, there is actually different variations of Som Tum. For example, they have cucumber and long bean Som Tum. Even for the sides, they have something special, like the Thai style siew mai which is very different from the Hong Kong style. This can be found within the Chinatown area in Thailand.

talad-thai-wagyu talad-thai-wagyu-soup

We started off by tasting their premium signature noodles. First up, we have the Stewed Wagyu Beef Noodles. They served the dish by separating the soup from the noodles. You’ll have to pour the piping hot soup over the semi-cooked beef to fully cook it. This made the beef extra tender and prevented it from over cooking. Just like we’ve been told, the broth was extremely flavourful as it was cooked for over 10 hours! They also used premium wagyu beef which gave the whole dish an extra “oomph!”. The broth was so good that we couldn’t stop slurping it with the noodles.


Next, we had the Ayutthaya Boat Noodles. This is noodles with pork slices, pork meatballs, kang kong and beansprouts. They use Kurobuta pork (Japanese black pork) in this dish which made the texture of the pork exceptionally good. Just like the other noodles, they broth for the boat noodles were also super fragrant and flavourful. One spoonful of noodles followed by a spoonful of soup. YUM!

talad-thai-pork talad-thai-salad

For the side dishes, we had Pork Slice with Spicy Lime Sauce which is a super appetising dish. The balance of the sourness and spicness was just right. As for the Som Tum, we had Mango Salad with Crab and Shrimp Paste. The salad had ingredients like: green mangoes, baby crab, long beans, peanuts, chilli, shrimp, shrimp paste and onions. All the ingredients married as one, giving you lots of texture and flavour in just one bite.


Lastly, for dessert, we had the traditional Thai sweet treat, Red Ruby. Talad Thai makes their red ruby in-house with water chestnuts which is the traditional way. Many places uses other substitute for the crunchy centre which makes the texture of the whole dish different. Their red ruby was also extremely chewy and not too sweet. The dessert was topped with soft and sweet jackfruit.


Talad Thai is part of the brand, Simple Eats. Simple Eats generally serves familiar comfort food that is presented in various forms. They started out serving only Thai food but they are looking to venture into other cuisines. They mainly focus on the 1km radius to their stall. For now, they have The Thai Noodle Bar at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, Talad Thai in Bedok and they are opening The Caravan soon at Raffles Place. The Caravan is a indoor food truck, that sees to serve Thai street food with a fusion with the Western cuisine.


So check out Talad Thai today. You won’t regret it!

Where: Bedok Mall, #01-78-79, 207B New Upper Changi Rd, Singapore 467345
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily
Contact Information: 6386 1592