Oh My Goddess of Mercy! Check Out This Cafe!

Head down to Oh My Tian today to try out these interesting creations and immerse yourself into the whimsical environment!


By delsar

oh-my-tian-interior oh-my-tian-carousel oh-my-tian-hot-air-balloon oh-my-tian-victorian

Oh My Tian! Just from the name of this cafe, you’ll know that this establishment is definitely something unique. Unlike many other hipster cafes around, Oh My Tian concept was out of this world. Stepping into this cafe is like stepping into a fairytale. A place filled with childhood memories. You can see a carousel with seats on one side of the cafe, a wall painted with hot air balloons on the other side and another corner with a Victorian concept. Everything was random and that’s why Oh My Tian turned out to be so special. There was no specific ideas or design that they really wanted and so a little bit of everything was put together.

oh-my-tian-menu oh-my-tian-front oh-my-tian-displays

The current best selling product is their Curly Fries with Salted Egg yolk Sauce and their OMT Big Breakfast. Their busiest times are weekend lunch hours. They do not charge for GST and service, but their staff were still super friendly and each dish was served to us with a smile. You sometimes don’t even get acceptable services at places where there’s a service charge. So kudos to the employees at Oh My Tian!


We got to try many delicious items on the menu. First up, we have Croque Madame, which is turkey ham, melted cheese and béchamel sauce, enclosed in a soft and fluffy brioche. The sandwich is topped with a sunny side up and served alongside with a chicken sausage and mixed greens. The egg yolk from the sunny side up was liquidy and you can dip your sandwich into it and brioche was thick enough to soak up all the liquid goodness. The chicken sausage was thick and you can taste the fragrance of the black pepper in it.


Next, we have Ayam Thai. This is actually charcoal waffle topped with grilled chicken, sunny side up and Thai slaw, served with a side of Kerupuk (Crispy Fried Shrimp Crackers). This is definitely an interesting dish. The waffle was very fragrant and not floury. The Thai slaw was sweet and sour which made the dish very appetising. The chicken and egg tied the whole dish together.


Then, we had to try their best selling Curly Fries with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce. The fries was crispy, kind of like the one you get from the popular fast food chain, McDonalds. But at Oh My Tian, you don’t have to wait for a festive season to get your hands on curly fries. Both sauces, salted egg yolk and truffle mayo cheese, were delicious! You just can’t stop dipping and eating this addictive snack.

oh-my-tian-drink oh-my-tian-mantou oh-my-tian-ager-agar-ramen

For drinks, we had Green Apple Italian Soda, which was served with a layer of foam on the top (something worthy to put on Snapchat or Instagram). Lastly, for desserts, we had Fried Mantou with Ice cream. Think of the ice cream and bread you get from the ice cream uncle outside your primary school. This is a new and improved version. The fried mantou was crispy, and the ice cream did NOT seep through the dough and made the mantou soggy! We also tried their new creation, the Agar Agar Ramen. The blue and pink agar agar strips were topped with mango ice cream, canned peaches, canned pineapple, banana and caramel konjac jelly. A very fufilling dessert!


Oh My Tian have recently launched their new menu with a range of both savoury and sweet dishes. So go down to Oh My Tian today to try out these interesting creations and immerse yourself into the whimsical environment!

Where: #01-79, 34 Whampoa W, Singapore 330034
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 12pm to 10pm. Closed on Mondays.
Contact Information: 6612 1166