There are Rats in These Restaurants and No One is Complaining!

Do you know the latest food trend in Moscow?


By delsar


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Do you know the latest food trend in Moscow? Well, here it is, it’s Rodent Burgers.



This burgers look exactly like any other, with two soft and fluffy buns and a juicy patty. What’s so special about this meat patty is that it’s made with not beef, not chicken, but Nutria (a.k.a River Rat). Nutria is a large rodent with orange teeth. Reports are showing that this rodent have been reproducing at an “alarmingly fast rate”, allowing it to be convenient to rear and farm.


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This rodent burgers are now served in a number of restaurants in Moscow, Russia.


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Nutria is a herbivore that is commonly found in Southern Russia. It’s fur is also used as a cheaper alternative for mink and fox fur coats. This rodent is also said to be a very clean animal. They would wash all its food before consuming.


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The meat of the juicy Nutria patty in the burger is described to taste like a mix of turkey and pork. The patty can remain juicy probably because the meat is said to maintain the juiciness despite how long you cook it. Nutria meat is also being used in hotdogs and dumplings in certain diners.

Would you dare to try this rodent burger?

Source: The Straits Times