Pretty Mooncakes and Even Prettier Packagings

These few mooncake packages will definitely make you tempted to keep the boxes after finishing the mooncakes.


By delsar

These few mooncake packages will definitely make you tempted to keep the boxes after finishing the mooncakes.

Hilton Hotel Singapore


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Hilton Hotel comes up with interesting flavours every year and this year, they introduce a new Cheesecake flavoured snowskin mooncake. They also have a Popping Candy flavoured mooncake which is fun and tasty! The packaging for the mooncake comes in a box with individual compartments for each mooncake. Reuse the box after to store items like your make-up! You can even sort them out by product or colours thanks to the separate compartments.

Grand Hyatt

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If you are someone who enjoys a snack with a hint of alcohol, make sure to check out Grand Hyatt’s range of snowskin mooncakes. They offer flavours like: Lime Tequila Truffle, Sake Truffle, Lychee Martini Truffle and even Champagne Truffle. flavoured mooncakes can be found at Grand HyattGrand Hyatt mooncakes makes a great gift as in comes in a beautiful Mother of Pearl coloured box accentuated with rose gold. Use it to put your little trinkets and it will look great as an organiser on your table!

Singapore Marriot Tang Plaza Hotel


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Ever tried a White Lotus Seed Paste with Chicken Bak-kwah & Assorted Nuts Baked Mooncake. Yes, there is Bak-kwah in this moon cake, and it is a generous portion. This mooncake is both sweet and savoury but more importantly, delicious! It serves as a great gift for clients too as the packaging comes in two tiers. The top lies the mooncakes and the bottom stores a tea set. If you happen to buy or receive this box, you can use it after to store almost any little items, be it jewelry, make-up or even scarfs.



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These Star Wars packaging mooncakes came from Hong Kong. It’s super cute and yummy at the same time! Comes in both Egg Custard and Chocolate Lava flavoured mooncakes. This mooncake is sure to make Star Wars fans love it from the inside out. The box is just too cute to be thrown away just after eating the mooncakes. So you can keep it even if you may not use it.

Golden Peony at Conrad Centennial Singapore


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Although they serve a delicious range of mooncakes, one cannot turn away from looking at this gorgeous golden treasure box from Gold Peony! It will serve great as a jewellery box after consuming the mooncakes.

Honorable Mention:

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier



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Famous for their chocolate desserts and pastries, Laurent Bernard has come up with Chocolate mooncakes this year! With the interesting flavours available, you can be sure this is one of the most fascinating mooncakes available.

So, be sure to check out these few mooncake options to make your Mid-Autumn festival more fun and enjoyable this year!