Punggol Containers #1: Big Fish Small Fish

Big Fish Small Fish works with Changi Prison, needy families and single parents to provide employment opportunities to them. Its social mission message is to promote inclusivity.


By weijing

Big Fish Small Fish is one of the 7 container bistros along Tebing Lane. It is easy to spot due to its bright and yellow decor. It has an open eating area, facing the waterway park and this creates a relaxing ambience for customers.

This store specialises in serving fish and chips in a cone, unlike any other fish and chips stalls here in Singapore. Hence, they specially customised holder just for customers to put their cones into. There are 5 different types of fish to choose from: Dory ($6.90)Yellow Fin ($7.90)Red Tilapia ($8.90)Sea Bass ($10.90)Salmon ($12.90) and Red Snapper ($15.90) which are served with freshly sliced potato chips. The potato chips are freshly prepared upon orders.

The store is also well-known for its dips, from salted egg, cheese, chilli sauce, XO Mayonnaise to cheese. The sauce is meant to go with the mains and chips. Our favourite would be the XO Mayonnaise which is not too salty and gives a slight sour aftertaste.

For the sides, we ordered Potato Salad ($4.90), Salted Egg Calamari w/ Bonito Flakes ($7.90) and XO Shrimps ($7.90) (anticlockwise). The prices might seem a bit pricy but it is definitely worth your money due to the unique seasoning and sauce. For example, the XO shrimps have a base coleslaw, giving it a slightly sour taste. The shrimps are deshelled and slighly battered, giving it a QQ texture. Each shrimp is sweet yet spicy, tantalising your taste buds!

For desserts, we chose the Charcoal Churros ($6.50) topped with condense milk and marshmallows. The churros were crisp and goes really well with the condense milk.

One interesting thing about this container is how it has self-service ordering counters for its customers. This restaurant embraces technology and promotes a fuss-free dining experience.


All in all, the experience here was great due to the novel and unique open air dining concept amongst the greens. The quality of the food also exceeded our expectations and it is definitely worth travelling all the way back for a second round of fish and chips!

Address : 50 Punggol East #01-K35 Singapore 828826

Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 1.00am(Last Order)

Website: http://www.bigfishsmallfish.com.sg