Punggol Containers #3: Pump Station 1965

Pump Station 1965 specialises in Asian Fusion cuisine and offer more than 100 types of beverages which includes featured beer, speciality drinks and liquor.


By weijing

Decorated with petrol brands and seats made from oil drums, Pump Station 1965 is a bar and bistro with a recycling and retro concept. This container can be spotted easily because they distinguish themselves by being only two-storey unit with a Volkswagen van prop, recycled wooden barrels and oil drums as furniture.

Its social message is to support sustainable living, just like ho it uses recycled materials for its furniture. It also aims to reach out to ex-offenders and low income families.


The first dish we tried was Thai Minced Pork Chicken ($12.90). It is stir-fried with chilli and basil leaves, giving the rice a slightly spicy yet fragrant taste. It is also served with egg.

Specialty Tapas

For the specialty tapas, we tried the beef stew ($14.90). It is a fusion of east and west where the beef stew is slow cooked with carrots, reddish and potatoes. The gravy was not too thick, yet filled with spice. It was extremely delicious! This dish is also served with rice.

Also served with rice, the Dong Po Pork Belly ($14.90) is another must-try here. The pork belly is tender and slow cooked with premium Shao Xing wine.

A side to try is the Kamo Koshu Smoked Duck. It is served with sesame sauce which neutralises its slightly salty taste.

We also managed to speak to the owner, Macs Fong, who shared with us his journey of opening this bistro. He was an ex-convict due to fights in his younger days. After owning a container house in Thailand, it has always been his dream to have his own container bistro and when he heard that SEED@SIP was opening Punggol Containers, he was excited to set up his container here. He hopes that Pump Station can be a place to help ex-convicts and give them a second chance in life, just like him.

This bistro really stood out for us due to the variety and quality of food served. The setting is really nice and themed. It would definitely be great if you can end off a meal here with a drink!

Tel: +65 9459 7703
Address : 50 Punggol East #01-K32, Singapore 828826