Punggol Containers #6: Boost @ Banks

No. 6 of Punggol Containers... Its time for a drink!


By weijing

Boost @ Banks is a mini darts bar amongst the Punggol Containers. By combining drinks, selection, atmosphere and ambience to create a sense of “place”, their overall goal is to have an entertainment space for all ages to enjoy. Hence, its social mission message is to strengthen communities. Hence, other than selling beer and alcoholic drinks at an affordable price, they are also pushing out new items such as Arizona tea and freshly brewed tea.

The Hoegaarden Rose beer is a must-try! It comes in a mega size cup!

You can even engage yourself in a game of darts for only $2!

Be sure to check this place out after a hearty meal! There’s happy hours on EVERY thursday!

Address: 50 Punggol East #01-K33

Contact no: 8818 3210