Punggol Containers #7: Leung Kee Healthy Desserts

Leung Kee Healthy Desserts aims to promote mindful living and reaches out to low income family.


By weijing

Leung Kee Healthy Desserts is no ordinary dessert shop, but it serves a variety of local healthy desserts. The owner is always exploring new options and trying to expand his menu. It originated from Guangdong Province and when Leung Kee was 30 years old, he travelled to Hong Kong to expand his business. Now, he has about 10 branches in Hong Kong. In Singapore, he brought a local twist to the desserts and added durian flavoured desserts to his menu.

The one we tried was the Durian Sherbet ($7.30). Besides having mango boba and aloe vera jelly, there was even durian flesh! It was simply refreshing.

Mango Sago ($4.50) is one of its best sellers. It is not too sweet and very satisfying to one’s guilty pleasures!

Leung Kee also serves salted egg yolk, peanut and sesame flavoured tang yuan along with its home made ginger soup. This is definitely suitable for the older aged!

New items on its menu would be DIY Ice Cream and Lok Lok! One can choose its desired flavours of matcha, dark chocolate, sesame, etc and create your own ice cream!

A unique thing about this store is its participation in the suspended meal/coffee/tea social movement where the aforementioned are paid for in advanced as an anonymous act of kindness. When someone who had experienced good luck or feels a desire to pay kindness forward, he/she can buy a meal or coffee or tea in twos but receiving and consuming only one.

This is definitely the place for all ages to enjoy a hearty dessert after a meal!