Restoran Hua Mui: Cheap and Good Breakfast Right Across the Causeway

Looking for cheap but yet delicious breakfast? Right across the causeway of out sunny island, Hua Mui serves up exactly that for all to enjoy!


By Marian Govin

Bathed in the rays of the morning sun is a cozy two-storey Hainanese eatery, already buzzing with early activity as the boisterous chatter of customers filled the air.

Enter Hua Mui Restaurant (华美茶餐室), a well-known household name that has dished out authentic local flavour for 70 years, through time-honoured traditional baking methods involving only the freshest ingredients. Since its inception, the coffee shop has expanded to a few outlets in Johor Bahru, and also holds a certified halal status.

While the extensive menu offers a variety of delicacies, here are some noteworthy ones:

Hua Mui Breakfast

Hua Mui Breakfast ($2.60)

Prepared in the style of a 80’s English breakfast, the dish consists of sausages, peas, potato wedges, eggs, and a bun, all drenched in gravy – a simple, yet filling platter to start off the day.

Its strength lies in the perfect harmonisation of flavours despite the use of common ingredients. The sauce is infused with a savoury touch, and its light, flavourful taste helps to balance out the overall palate. Additionally, the potatoes are cooked to perfection, sporting a slight golden-brown sheen, and can be easily peeled apart to reveal glistening, soft flesh.

Cheese and Kaya Toast

Cheese and Kaya Toast ($0.90)

An all-time favourite, the kaya butter bread is served fresh out of charcoal fire, with a slice of cheese to boot. The smoky tang adds an additional layer of flavour, which complements well with the crispy pieces of toast.

Mongolian Chicken

Mongolian Chicken ($5.30)

Topped with curry leaves and various condiments are slices of chicken dripped with Mongolian sauce (surprise, surprise) – crunchy on the outside, yet soft and juicy on the inside.

The dish boasts an appealing presentation, and its taste does not disappoint either: the strong wave of flavour intensifies when in one’s mouth, and everything washes down fairly smoothly.

Hainanese Chicken Chop

Hainanese Chicken Chop ($5.30)

Heralded as the signature dish as Hua Mui Restaurant, it comprises of green peas, tomatoes, and potatoes in light brown mushroom gravy. Don’t strike the sauce off immediately – it blends very well with the chicken chop, and retains a smooth, silky consistency. Also, none of the ingredients grow soggy after being soaked in it, which is definitely an added bonus.

The star, inarguably, is the chicken chop; a succulent piece fried to the ideal level of crispiness that is neither too oily or batter-excessive. Tender flesh lies inside, and the rich burst of flavour that comes with it is much welcomed.

This dish certainly stays true to the roots of Hainanese cuisine – light, less oily, and of course, delicious.

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