Rokukakutei skewers in for a unique dining experience


By Justyn

Fans of the one Michelin-starred Japanese skewer restaurant Rokukakutei in Osaka, Japan, rejoice as the chain opens its first overseas outlet in sunny Singapore.

The intimate 40-seater restaurant serves up two varieties of Omakase set meals. Choose between the S$134++ 20-course Omakase skewer meal, or the S$288++ Kushiage + Selected Wine Marriage set meal, which features a 15-skewer set meal paired with a medley of red and white wines.

The restaurant opened on 1 August and is helmed by Chef Hideyuki Tanaka, who has 15 years of experience prior to his stint in Singapore.

Guests can expect a unique dining concept. The table set-up mainly consists of two conspicuous rectangular plates – a long, rectangular plate with a piece of bread that acts as an oil blotter for the skewers to sit on, and a long saucer pre-filled with five different condiments – lemon and mustard, Shoyu, mustard and sesame sauce, red wine reduction and Japanese salt and pepper.

A fresh lemon wedge and powdered Japanese salt are also served on the side. The skewers would come course by course, pointing in the direction of the recommended condiment that pairs with it.

For our 15-course Omakase meal, we were served a medley of fresh seafood, tender meats and vegetables. Most of the skewers came deep fried with a panko crust.

Despite being deep-fried, the meats and seafood still managed to retain its juices and tenderness.

My Omakase Skewer Experience

Throughout the meal, we were given several side dishes such as a salad bowl at the start, a bread basket served with homemade smoked butter just after the fourth course, and a refreshing Umeshu granita just after the eleventh course as a palate cleanser.

My favourite skewers were mostly the seafood ones, such as the Angel Prawn, Scallops, Browfish, along with the Japanese Yam skewer.

Angel Prawn, paired with Japanese salt and pepper

Our first course was the Angel Prawn. Being the first course, I definitely had high expectations for it, which were thankfully met. The prawn was not overcooked, and it did not have the residual oil tasting that you get from a bad deep fry. Most of all, the prawn was really fresh. It was juicy, succulent and sweet, which are tell-tale signs of its freshness.

Fresh Scallops, paired with Shoyu

The scallop skewer was one of my favourite dish of the night. On top of being very fresh and sweet, I loved how the scallops were so tender despite being deep fried. Furthermore, lightly dipping it in the Shoyu sauce gives the scallops a little nutty taste to it which complements the natural sweetness of the scallops.

Browfish, served with Ponzu sauce

The browfish is a common dish in Japanese cuisine. The white flesh is thick, juicy and succulent. It has a mild sweetness and pairs very well with the citrusy and tangy Ponzu sauce, which indirectly heightens the sweetness from the browfish.

Japanese Yam, paired with sesame mustard sauce

When I was told that this skewer was supposedly a Japanese yam, I expected myself to bite into a mush. However, I was surprisingly greeted by a slight crunch from the konnyaku jelly. Apparently, the Japanese yam is a key ingredient used in making the Konnyaku jelly of the dish. Inside the jelly is a stuffing of chicken breast. This skewer had a slight Ginseng taste to it, which was very interesting knowing that Ginseng is not a traditional ingredient found in Japanese cuisine.

Although it is on the pricey side, I think the experience of dining at Rokukakutei pays off well. Having a painstakingly curated menu based on the freshest ingredients of the day doesn’t come easily, and Rokukakutei is definitely able to deliver both in taste and dining experience.

For those who want to have a unique dining experience, give Rokukakutei a try. You’ll never know what to expect!


331 North Bridge Road #01-04, Odeon Towers

Singapore 188720

Opening Hours:

4.00pm – 11.00pm daily

Nearest MRT Stations:

Bras Basah, Bugis

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