Salad Dressed More On Point than You

Visiting Well Dressed Salad Bar definitely changed our perception of vegan food in a positive way!


By delsar

When non-vegans think of vegan food, we often have a more negative mindset rather than a positive one. We usually presume that vegan just eat nothing but vegetables. The food are usually tasteless and just bad generally. We have to admit that we had that assumptions before too. But after visiting Well Dressed Salad Bar, our mindset changed. We did not pick up the vegan lifestyle but we learnt that plant based diet can actually be delicious too.


Many people are becoming more health conscious nowadays. Not only health conscious but the whole vegetarian vegan movement based on compassion is also evolving. With the help of social media, people are more informed about what goes behind the scenes in the meat industry, so people make more well-informed choices about their daily dining habits. Well Dressed Salad Bar acts as an outlet for people to understand that “meatless doesn’t mean tasteless”. It’s just the same type of food without the meat.


Well Dressed Salad Bar is a family business and a part of the Eight Treasure Vegetarian Restaurant (located on the second level of the cafe), that has been around for the past 10 years. The cafe caters more to fresh food dining. They serve salads and more Western style vegan food that includes coffee and cakes which are all veganize. They serve all types of vegetarian, so when people go to their premise, they can choose if they want Chinese vegetarian or Western vegetarian. The dishes they serve are also suitable for families who have elderly and children. It’s catered to everyone.

The name “Well Dressed Salad Bar” was derived from the very good salad dressings they use and thus, well-dressed. The names of their dishes are all very punny, like “tofully yours”, “soba so good” and “manja ninja”. So cute!


Weekend lunch is their busiest time. But there are quite a lot of seats and the place is spacious. The lunch crowd consists of many people who are health conscious and these includes meat eaters as well. They also have a lot of pre-yoga and post-yoga customers who visits. Each slice of their cakes only has 230 calories and there is no bad fat in it. Using organic coconut oil and organic plant milk and lower sugar level, one can enjoy desserts while staying healthy.


Well Dressed Salad Bar tries to make as much of their products in-house as possible. Even if they order from suppliers, they always check the ingredients to make sure it’s vegan-friendly with no animal products in it. The salad dressings at Well Dressed Salad Bar are also 100% vegetarian. They make all the salad dressings from scratch, and they don’t use onion or garlic (suitable for the religiously vegetarian) and dairy products, but is still able to recreate the mainstream sauces.

Though the menu has a wide range of dishes to choose from, you can create your own salad bowl starting from $5.50. Customise your salad in just four simple steps: choose your greens, select 6 types of toppings, add additional toppings and lastly choose your sauce. We tried out a couple of the punny dishes on their menu: Manja Ninja and Tofully Yours.


The Manja Ninja has taken over many of their other salads, many customers like this salad because it has a lot of ninja proteins in it. There’s baby spinach, TOFeta cheese (tofu fermented to taste like feta cheese). So feta cheese without the dairy is possible! There is also avocado, edamame, rocket, romaine lettuce, purple cabbage, canned peaches and quinoa. The ingredients of the salad was tied together with a wasabi and sweet mustard dressing. The baby spinach, tofu and quinoa provides great source of protein. This proves that you can have salad without the meat but still have the proteins at the same time. You’ll feel like a ninja after having the salad!

wdsb-tofu-burger wdsb-burger

Tofully Yours is definitely an interesting dish. A burger without the buns. How? Well Dressed Salad Bar used tofu as the buns instead. The tasty tofu patties are stacked with sautéed mushrooms, vegetarian luncheon meat, tomatoes and cucumber. The burger is served with a side of herb marinated baby potatoes, TOFeta cheese and sea salt seaweed chips. The whole dish was flavourful which was nothing like what we expected from a vegan dish. The burger without the buns have no carbohydrates, but you get your protein and it’s filling even though it’s a plant based meal.

wdsb-lava-cake wdsb-ice-cream

For desserts, we had a Chocolate Lava Cake and a Salty Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Ice Cream. The chocolate lava cake was not too sweet and goes really well with the peanut butter served with it. The ice cream is made in-house with a coconut milk base. Both desserts were surprisingly delicious despite the fact that there were no eggs and dairy involved.

Well Dressed Salad Bar wants to prove to people that plant based diet is not only healthy but also fun. They don’t make your regular pasta or pizza because they are here to show that they can be creative by making dishes like “satay” and tofu burger. Zenna, the owner of Well Dressed Salad Bar said:

“We give you flavours similar to what you are used to.”


This makes Well Dressed Salad Bar a great place to start your vegan lifestyle if you are interested as the flavours are similar to what you usually eat. Else, this cafe is also suitable for meat eaters who just wants to eat clean once in a while. We can assure you the dishes here are much more flavourful and yummy than what you would imagine. Visiting Well Dressed Salad Bar definitely changed our perception of vegan food in a positive way!

Visit Well Dressed Salad Bar today!

Where: 280/282, South Bridge Road, Singapore 058831
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm daily
Contact Information: 6543 7787