SAMA Curry & Cafe: Hokkaido Soup Curry Arrives in Singapore!

Are you ready to try authentic Hokkaido Soup curry with up to 30 levels of spiciness? This new Japanese restaurant is about to give you a taste of Japan.


By shani

Popular in Hokkaido, Japan, SAMA Curry & Cafe has finally arrived in Singapore to bring authentic Japanese Soup Curry to the locals. Opened in 19th May this year at the new OUE Downtown 2 Gallery, this hidden gem is sure to impress you with its authentic Japanese dishes. The staff even said that the Japanese boss of this franchise is particular about every single detail of the dish to ensure it offers the true taste of Japanese Soup Curry.

Here are the steps you need to take when ordering your soup curry:

Step 1:

The first step you have to do is to choose your curry. It ranges from vegetarian curry [Vegetarian Bear ($13.90)] to seafood curry [Ocean Trophy ($18.90)]. All of the curry bowls comes with assorted vegetables  which includes baby corn, brocolli, egg plant, green pepper, orka, potato, carrot and half Japanese boiled egg.

Step 2:

You get to choose the spicy level from level 0 to 30. If you want the curry to be less spicy, you can opt for Baby Bear (Select from Levels 0, 3 and 5). For moderately spicy, you can opt for Adult Bear (Select from Levels 8, 10, 13 and 15). If you think you are game for the spiciest range, you can try Crazy Bear (Select from Levels 18, 20, 25 and 30) which costs an additional $1.

Step 3:

Lastly, you get to choose your soup base. There are altogether 4 soup bases namely: Tomato, Coconut, Japanese and Shrimp.

I tried the Marathon Chicken which is one of the more popular curry here. As I can’t take food that are too spicy, the staff was considerate enough to let me try the Baby Bear (Level 3). Apparently, customers here have asked for the curry to be even more spicy, even after trying the highest level (Level 30), so if you can take spicy food, I’d say go for it! The Shrimp Soup Base ($14.90) is also a popular choice amongst Singaporeans as most Singaporeans prefer clear soup. This fragrant bowl of soup curry captures the seafood flavour. A tender chicken leg is added alongside the assorted vegetables to give the soup some extra flavour! It even comes with a plate of rice!

The staff recommended the Cheesy Bear and boy were we stoked to see the process of making it. The cheese is torched atop a couple of fried chicken! Just look at that cheese melt.

If you are up for something more unique that Japanese love, you can try their Cheesy Bear with Coconut Soup Base ($16.90)! The soup is much thicker and not as liquidy as the shrimp soup base. The unconventional coconut broth has a mellow and milky soup base, which matches so well with the fried chicken and that layer of cheese.

Looking for some cheesy snacks?  They have the Hokkaido Imomochi Cheese (2pcs) ($6.50) which tastes delish! This has got to be my favourite snack here. It actually tastes like fried nian gao with lotsa cheese… Mmm.

You should also try their Hokkaido Crab Cream Croquette (2pcs) ($6.50) The filling is quite thick with a tinge of crab flavour inside it. This croquette tastes better with the dip!

6A Shenton Way

Opening Hours:  
11am-9pm (Daily)

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