Seasalt: Affordable Fresh Seafood in Marymount

Come here for the best fish and chips in town!


By weijing

Just opposite Bishan MRT (Circle line exit) and within the Marymount industrial estate, Seasalt the Seafood Place sits amongst all the eateries in a tiny coffeeshop. It serves fresh seafood in many forms- pasta, fried, grilled, etc, its never-ending! The eating area is airy and cooling, not too bad for a coffeeshop atmosphere.


For starters, we had the Calamari Fresh ($8) cooked in a grilled cajun style. The fresh octopus and squid are slightly charred to give it that extra smoky flavour. Remember to dip it into the sauce, which is their signature lemon butter to add that soury flavour into the savoury and satiating dish.

D Fried

Of course, what is a seafood place without fish and chips? We tried its hand battered fish served with fries and greens ($9), along with a top up of signature lemon butter ($1). Our choice of fish was dory. You can choose between dory, snapper or premium haddock. The fish was not too dry and battery and the chef explained that It was because they wanted to serve customers more protein and less flour. The fish also went very well with the lemon dip.

Shells Served In A Pot

For another of the mains, we had the Fresh Canadian Clams In A Pot ($17) which was boiled in vino broth. Each pot is served with 3 slices of toasted white bread. This dish really amazed us- not only visually, but also its taste. The clams were so juicy, fresh and drenched in the taste of the broth.


Lastly, we tried Seasalt’s Mac Cheese with D Fried Prawns ($13) which was not too cheesy and gelat. We were impressed by how everything was cooked lightly, yet preserving its flavourful and juicy taste. I enjoyed this dish a lot because I expected something thick and creamy but despite the sauce being light, the Mac and the cheese tasted equally good.

For its price, the quality of food really surpasses our expectations. If I were working in the area or schooling there, I would totally go across the road to have a meal here! We would highly recommend this place for an affordable yet delicious meal of seafood!

38 Jln Pemimpin

Opening Hours:
1:30AM–2:30PM, 5:30–9PM (daily)
Closed on Mondays

8200 5528

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