Seoul Jjimdak: 50% off Jjimdak and Army Stew for Students!

If you're looking for a place to chill and chat about all things Korean with your chinguls, this is the place for you!


By shani

Seoul Jjimdak, which was opened about a year ago, welcomes one of Korea’s popular dishes, Jjimdak (Korean Braised Chicken) into Singapore. Bringing in popular Korean dishes into the menu, Korean-food lovers would definitely not be disappointed!

Seoul Jjimdak’s signature dishes would have to be their Army Stew and Jjimdak which is going at a special price of $29.90 on weekdays 11:30am-3pm (U.P.$36.90). Here, we tried their army stew, which is basically homemade kimchi stew with lots of yummy ingredients inside! It comes with pork belly, luncheon meat, hotdog, tofu, tteokbokki, fishcake, mushroom, assorted vegetables, baked beans and a portion of ramyeon. You can also request for non-spicy if you want to!


Prawn + mussels ($7.90)

Beef ($9.90)

Pork Belly ($5.90)

Egg ($1)

Mandu ($5.90)

Shitake + Enoki ($5.90)

Luncheon Meat ($5.90)

Hotdog ($3.90)

Mozzarella ($3.90)

Cheddar ($3.90)

Cheddar + Mozzarella ($6.90)

Sweet Corn ($1.90)

Tteokbokki ($3.90)

Ramyeon ($2.90)

Udon ($2.90)

Potato Glass Noodles ($2.90)

Bap.Rice. ($1.90)

Don’t miss out on their hot deals! Students are in for a treat as they get 50% off Jjimdak/Army Stew on weekdays, 3-5:30pm! Simply present your student card to enjoy the offer!


Now, who doesn’t love a good piping hot bowl of kimchi stew? We tried the palatable Kimchi Stew with Pork Belly ($12.90). Its fragrant and spicy kimchi stew matches perfectly with the tender pork belly and the sour vegetables, including the fermented kimchi. You can also pick from a variety of other kimchi stews including Spicy Kimchi Tofu Soup ($9.90) and Kimchi Soup with Beef ($14.90).

There are many Korean restaurants that sell seafood pancakes, but few can get it right. Fortunately for us, we got to taste one of the best seafood pancakes! Their seafood pancake ($18.90) is one of their most popular dishes here. It’s crispy on the edges, soft and savoury in the middle. The fillings of prawns, squids, spring onions makes the taste impeccable! Pair this with Korean Rice Wine (Makggeoli), ice citron or Demi Sodas for the full Korean experience.

Blk 180 Kitchener Road
City Square Mall

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